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    hard reset problem

    I can't hard reset my spv e650. Here is what I'm doing: 1) Phone is off 2) Press and Hold both soft keys 3) Press and Hold the Power button for 1-2 seconds If I release softkeys now it is booting normaly. If I hold them I get black screen saying that if i wan to reset i should pres send button, but when I release left softkey (with right pressed or not, doesn't matter) it's goes to usual windows loading. I need to reset this device in this way because windows stops loading at green animation ("Windows Mobile 6.1") I have installed Dr. Martin Gonzo's rom. Thank for any advices.
  2. I'm trying to control windows media player using shortcuts. In Pocket Contol Pro by typing in DOS box "wmplayer /play" I can start playing but nothing more. I've tried "wmplayer /pause" or "wmplayer /stop" and nothing happens. Is there any way to pause it? I need this because I want to assign actions like play and pause to some bouttons. I have SPV E650. Thanks for any help.
  3. jubek

    WM6 & Voice Command Issue

    I have the same problem but I use wired headphones. I want to start Voice Command by pressing button on headphones. Is it possible?