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    TomTom for Android finally arrives in the Play Store

    As a beta tester, I have had it running for a transformer 101, ZTE blade, Huweli star and a Galaxy S2. It can be made to run on a number of devices with some tweaking. I'm sure Tomtom will release more compatabiltiy soon.
  2. Thanks. I guess I wasn't patient enough. On reboot, I get the big green android just sitting there for about 2mins, then it boots the swirly green thing, then up again into B13. I've laoded rom manger but it doesn't know where gren gingr is, it only shows cynangen roms.
  3. Hi, I hadn't upgraded since 7.0.0 stable, and installed stir fry uisng TPT B13. What is the recommended method to go from 13 to 15, use tpt again, or is there an incremental method? I don't seem to be able to access clockwork anymore. Apology if this is a FAQ, rather than flame me, post a link. to the solution.
  4. If you work for a large company who buy lots of phones, you may be able to take advantage of their buying might. A company I was working for are changing from Orange to O2, I managed to get a desire S for £255 cash, unlocked, direct from O2. Worth a try.
  5. I like pink- makes me think of girls mcd's strawberry milkshakes tuna and other things I like.
  6. mrg9999

    Travelling to Italy

    An Italian one
  7. It's still free, along with the drinks.
  8. mrg9999

    Handbrake Profile for the Vega

    Is there a batch script to convert say all avi files in a directory or tree?
  9. Mine just sits at the waiting for recovery prompt. I do get a device drive not successfully installed message. It works fine when android is booted, ie can mount the card etc.