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  1. CM10.2 - v1.3 - Download | Update ZIP - audio recorder isn't freezing anymore - activated Low Power Audio - low pop noises happening more rarely - support for more audio and video formats (Youtube HD) - LiveWallpapers re-integrated - integrated a better patch for the Stagefright security issue - added an app for locking the screen in landscape mode
  2. CM10.2 – v1.2 – Download | Update ZIP – removed apps that are available in F-Droid – fixed the following security issues: CVE-2014-8507 CVE-2014-7911 CVE-2014-3100 CVE-2015-1474 Fix exploiting MMS video
  3. CM10.2 – v1.1 – Download | Update ZIP – Activated automatic brightness – Fixed manual network search – Fixed 2G/3G data connection (sorry :( ) – Fixed Shellshock security issue – Fixed Heartbleed security issue – applied the following CVE-Fixes: CVE-2012-0044 CVE-2012-2136 CVE-2012-6638 CVE-2012-6647 CVE-2013-1767 CVE-2013-1826 CVE-2013-1827 CVE-2013-1848 CVE-2013-2596 (Motochopper Pwn) CVE-2014-0101 CVE-2014-2523 CVE-2014-3153 (Towelroot) CVE-2014-3673 CVE-2014-3687 CVE-2015-1421 CVE-2015-1465 Have fun! :-)
  4. To all subscribers: I have released CM10.2 for the device. Apart from the camera, all functions can be used: http://www.modaco.com/topic/369154-cm102-431-schmatzlers-rom-for-the-zte-tureis/
  5. Since the predecessor to this device – the ZTE Tureis – finally broke down, I had to get my act together and fix up all of my code I started back in 2014. It’s finally done! You can get CyanogenMod 10.2 for the Vodafone SmartChat 865 further below. Please don’t ask about Android 5 or KitKat. KitKat may be technically possible, but I’d have to fix the network functions of the device again. Also, the device doesn’t have enough space for Android 5. So this will probably the first and the last Android version for it. Screenshots: Features (compared to the stock ROM): – removed ugly Vodafone branding – no Google apps (more freedom with F-Droid and more RAM/battery) – new graphics drivers from ZTE N880 (with VSync) – Keyboard backlight always works and not just when it wants to – higher sensitivity in light sensor – more RAM and more free space – CPU overclocked by default (ramps up to 1GHz when needed) – finger friendly (swapped out camera key with ALT key) – more kernel functions (governors, schedulers, ZRAM) Bugs: – manual network search not working fixed in v1.1 – Camera broken – no CVE-fixes yet. OpenSSL is vulnerable + Shellshock bug is present fixed in v1.2 How to install: 1. Make sure you are running the latest version of the stock rom: V03A. If you don’t, get an update here: http://schmatzler.de/zte-p752d/02c-to-03a-signed-update/ Copy the ZIP file to your SD card. You can apply the update by pressing VOL UP while powering the device on. 2. Root the device and install ClockworkMod: Read the instructions on how to do so here. 3. Extract the following ZIP file onto your SD card, into the directory/clockworkmod/backup/. You can then press VOL UP while powering the device on and use the restore function to install CyanogenMod. CM10.2 – v1.0 – Download CM10.2 – v1.1 – Download | Update ZIP CM10.2 – v1.2 – Download | Update ZIP CM10.2 - v1.3 - Download | Update ZIP Have fun! :-) — Device Kernel Proprietaries
  6. Wow, it's been a long time. I don't know if anyone is still reading this but I resumed working on this device (because my old ZTE Tureis finally broke down :'-( . I finally managed to fix the data connection (which took me some days to work out) so all that's left to fix is Wi-Fi, the camera and USB mounting (I only have to backport the driver into the kernel). As soon as I've managed to do this, I will release a ROM - for now, the binary RIL blob from ZTE only works with CM10.2. On later versions, it goes nuts. Have to stick to that :( But technically, the device should be able to handle KitKat (or later). Edit: Got WiFi to work. :-) But I noticed that Whatsapp crashes the graphics driver when scrolling through my contacts. Seems like I have to port more KGSL changes over.
  7. I made a lot of progress, but now I am stuck :( So far I managed to get everything working, except Wifi, Camera and Mobile Data. I can actually connect to a 3G network and I can also make calls and send SMS. But I can't get any APN's to work :( I think I narrowed it down to a point in libril where a response with the network parameters gets truncated like this: D/use-Rlog/RLOG-RILC( 105): sending RIL_UNSOL_DATA_CALL_LIST_CHANGED D/use-Rlog/RLOG-RILC( 105): UI <--- RIL_UNSOL_DATA_CALL_LIST_CHANGED (1010) --- RIL [RID 0, Len 640, (null)] D/use-Rlog/RLOG-RILC( 105): [UNSL]< UNSOL_DATA_CALL_LIST_CHANGED {[status=0,cid=0,up,rmnet0,,,],[status=0,cid=1,up,rmnet0,,,],[status=0,cid=2,up,rmnet0,,,],[status=0,cid=3,down,(null),(null),(null),(null)],[status=0,cid=4,down,(null),(null),(null),(null)],[status=0,cid=5,down,(null),(null),(null),(null)],[status=0,cid=6,down,(null),(null),(null),(null)],[status=0,cid=7,down,(null),(null),(null),(null)],[status=0,cid=8,down,(null),(null),(null),(null)],[status=0,cid=9,down,(null),(null),(null),(null)],[status=0,cid=10,down,(null),(null),(null),(null)],[status=0,cid=11,down,(null),(null),(null),(null)],[status=0,cid=12,down,(null),(null),(null),(null)],[status=0,cid=13,down,(null),(null),(null),(null)],[status=0,cid=14,down,(null),(null),(null),(null)],[status=0,cid=15,down,(null),(null),(null),(null)],[status=0,cid=16,down,(null),(null),(null),(null)],[status=0,cid=17,down,( D/use-Rlog/RLOG-RILC( 105): qcril_data_unsol_call_list_changed: EXIT with succ D/use-Rlog/RLOG-RILC( 105): qcril_data_event_hdlr: EXIT with suc D/use-Rlog/RLOG-RILC( 105): qcril_event_main(): Waiting... V/use-Rlog/RLOG-RILC( 105): processWakeupCallback D/RILJ ( 665): [0160]< SETUP_DATA_CALL DataCallResponse: {version=6 status=0 retry=2 cid=2 active=0 type=' ifname='null' addresses=[] dnses=[] gateways=[]} D/RILJ ( 665): responseDataCallList ver=6 num=20 E/RILJ ( 665): Exception processing unsol response: 1010Exception:java.lang.RuntimeException: getDataCallResponse, no ifname I think the list in UNSOL_DATA_CALL_LIST_CHANGED is so long that it's not closed properly at the end and cannot be parsed by RILJ. That causes RILJ to believe that the network interface is null instead of rmnet0 and breaks the data connection. My head burns, I have to get some rest, leave it for the time being and get back at it later...
  8. Just a quick update: I'm finally able to get into the Cyanogenmod bootscreen now! :) I'm in the process of updating the outdated Gingerbread kernel with KGSL and msm_fb patches (and a lot more things in the process). I can already start up Cyanogenmod, at least until the Wifi driver crashes and locks up the whole system. And it only boots if I disable genlock (for now), which is a horrible and whacky solution. I'm confident that I can give you an alpha version of CM10.2 in the next weeks. If you want to follow my process on github, feel free to do so: https://github.com/schmatzler/zte-kernel-smartchat Edit: I was able to stabilize the KGSL core of the kernel. Jellybean drivers for the ZTE N880 work without any crashes now. The touchscreen doesn't work yet, I have to do some work there now :(
  9. I've successfully ported ClockworkMod to the ZTE P752D. You can check out a tutorial how to flash it here. Now I can seriously start porting Android 4.3.1 over to the device.
  10. I've made a romdump of two versions and dumped a signed update .zip (ripped it from the /cache folder after interrupting the OTA updater): ro.build.display.id=VodafoneSmartChat-MSM7225A-V02c-Sep272012-Vodafone-UK ro.build.version.incremental=20120926.231218.25481 http://schmatzler.de/zte-p752d/V02c-Sep272012/ ro.build.display.id=VodafoneSmartChat-MSM7225A-V03a-Dec062012-Vodafone-UK ro.build.version.incremental=20121206.095513.8829 http://schmatzler.de/zte-p752d/V03a-Dec062012/ System update from the September version to the December version. Contains a lot of binary patches, so be careful: http://schmatzler.de/zte-p752d/02c-t...B09_to_B11.zip I hope that I can port over Clockworkmod, I'm working on that at the moment.
  11. BTW, the kernel source is here: http://support.zte.com.cn/support/news/NewsDetail.aspx?newsId=1002222 I think that will do. :D Hopefully it's just a little bit of merge/build/trial & error :)
  12. Finally! I was able to get one here: http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=261452801212 As I already ported Cyanogenmod 10.2 / Android 4.3.1 to the original Tureis, I'm very confident that I can also do a port for this device. :)
  13. Version 2.3 (Security Release!): - Added F-Droid as an alternative to Google Play - Updated Lightning, AdAway and Total Commander - Fixed the following exploits: CVE-2010-3904 CVE-2010-4258 CVE-2011-1759 CVE-2011-4348 CVE-2012-0044 CVE-2012-2136 CVE-2012-6638 CVE-2012-6647 CVE-2013-1767 CVE-2013-1826 CVE-2013-1827 CVE-2013-1848 CVE-2013-2596 (Motochopper Pwn) CVE-2014-0101 CVE-2014-2523 CVE-2014-3153 (Towelroot) Of course, the ZTE Tureis still won’t be the most secure phone this planet has ever seen, but hey – the hack from Geohot is useless on our device and this means, that we are much better than 99,9% of all devices out there at the moment! Download: cyanogen-10.2-zte-tureis-v.2.3.zip cyanogen-10.2-zte-tureis-v.2.3-update.zip
  14. I don't think so as it has another CPU and that normally needs another kernel, too. Don't risk it. I always tried getting that Smart Chat, but either it's nowhere to be found or way too expensive for that little thing.
  15. Version 2.2: -Replaced DPAD_CENTER button with RETURN for better compatibility with certain applications -Enabled Cyanogenmod Account (tried to make contact groups usable, but it seems like Google Play is needed for that) -Fixed Repeat button in music player being halfway out of the screen -Fixed search overlapping the pound button in the dailer -Fixed the broken layout when getting a call and the screen is locked (you can actually see who is calling you now) -Fixed the clock appearance on the lockscreen cyanogen-10.2-zte-tureis-v.2.2.zip cyanogen-10.2-zte-tureis-v.2.2-update.zip