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  1. Hi All, Wondered if anyone can help me out there. I've set up my email on my Omnia, I have gone into the setting and the Send /receive option. If the field that states Automatic Send/Receive I have the following options to choose from: Manually Every 5 Minutes Every 10 Minutes Every 15 Minutes Every 30 Minutes Every 60 Minutes Every 2 hours Every 4 hours Once a day I have set this Manually, however I would really like to be able to download my email at set times, say in the morning (just before work), then maybe dinnertime. Does anyone know if there is an app that will lett enter specfic times to download emails, or are the options those above? Also is there an app that can change profiles of your Omnia at different times, I know that Nokia phone have had this built in for a while now, I know that the Omnia has ettiquette mode for alarms. Any advice with regards the above would be most welcome.
  2. HSDPA questions

    Thanks for your response FutureDirt, that has helped alot. I was unaware that the GPRS bolt on would also allow 3G & HSDPA connections as well. I will definitely get my sim upgraded. I should have done a long time ago. Thanks again.
  3. Hi All, I have searched this forum, and other websites, but not really found the answer(s) that I was after. If the answers have already been posted, then I sincerely apologise. First of all I'm a bit new to all this, some may say a noob. I have a i900, and was wondering what I need to use HSDPA on it. I bought my Omnia sim-free from Expansys, and have my very old sim card in, to show how old its a BTCellnet sim card <_< . So first off, I guess I will need a more up to date sim card. Once I have a new simcard, (I have been told that O2 will upgrade it for free), will I be able to connect using HSDPA? Other question I have are: Is the O2 Mobile broadband the same as using HSDPA? I was thinking of signing up to O2 Mobile Broadband, would Ibe able to use the sim card from this in my i900? Does anyone know how much it will cost to be connected? In short, all I want to do is to browser the net on my Omnia without it costing a small fortune, and at a decent speed. At present I'm using GPRS (and a Unlimited GPRS bolt on @ £7.50 a month on top of my tariff bill) Any help/answers with regards this would be most grateful.
  4. Hi All, Just to add my comments. My Omnia lights up red when charging and turns Green when fully charged, (this using the main charger), seems to always be red when connect via USB?? With regards the Bluetooth, it flashes Blue once when first connected, then goes off, however if I'm sending data via my PC, it flashes until the data is sent, then goes off again. Just thought I'd say, I do however agree with comments made here, the LED is far too small, in the wrong place. So at present about as much use as a submarine in the desert :) . I know you can alter options so it flashes when your receive a SMS, etc for a certain duration, 5 minutes, 10 minutes and even an hour after you receive your SMS, but surely this will do something to battery life???
  5. smilies in texts

    Don't know if this will help, but when you are writing a SMS if you press Menu>Insert>Text it will bring up a list, one of the options is Emoticon. Select this and a window will pop up with a selection of smilies etc for you to insert. Sorry...wrong board, thought I was on the i900 board, far too much christmas booze at the party last nite...sorry again :rolleyes:
  6. I've just tried to play an .avi file and it won't play. States 'Unsupported Video Format', however it does play the audio? Bit annoyed at this, you read reviews and it states that the phone plays DivX, blah,blah blah, and then when you get it doesn't work. Why should we have to mess about with convertor sand 3rd party programs to watch a movie, when were told it plays them out of the box B) Not impressed, however in saying that if anyone has a fix,( besides coverting and 3rd party apps), any adivce would be most welcome.
  7. Changing mouse pointer

    Yes if you use hklm/system/state/samsung/mouse as stated then change the DWORD Data to a value between 0 and 24 this will chnage the mouse cursor, I tried it myself and it does work. Also, here is a list of what the cursor changes to: 0 Standard White Arrow 1 Orange V-Shape Arrow 2 Blue V-Shape Arrow 3 Green V-Shape Arrow 4 Wand with Star on the End 5 Pencil 6 Crayon 7 Paper Plane 8 Seaside Windmill 9 Little Man With Stick (actually it looks like a Nun) 10 Heart 11 Bird 12 Flower 13 Four-Leaf Clover 14 Butterfly 15 Cloud 16 Football 17 Bomb 18 Candy Lollypop 19 Ice Cream 20 Santa Hat 21 Snowman 22 Paw Print 23 Man Square Head 24 Strange Head with Purple Hair I hope this helps, I'll try and get some screen shots.
  8. Hi All, I've had my I900 for about 6 weeks now, and after a few minor probs at first (sat nav being the mine one), I quite like this phone. I must state that I don't howver like the manual that came with it. The quick start guide is just that, how to put the battery in, how to make a phone call, the rock bottom basics. The on-CD manual is not much better as it doesn't describe the apps on the phone (well only breifly), or how to use them properly. in fact I think it really bad. I mean, you get a quick start guide that tell you how to insert the battery, if you don't know how to do this, what chance have you got of using the apps???? Does anyone know if there is a detailed manual, which tells you the apps on the phone and how to use them (functions, putting music on etc) Also I have been browsing the net, and found a few apps designed for the accelerometer in the HTC touch Diamond, one called Sensor lock, which locks your phone when you turn it clockwise, (unlock turn it anti-clockwise), and another that turns you mobile it a spirt level. Does anyone know if there any apps like this for the i900???
  9. Connecting to Network

    Thanks for the reply, however no joy. I tried pressing OK on the Username/Password screen, but it just says Login Failed and shows the screen again. For some reason it has Administrator in the username??? I have tried deleting this but the same happens (Login Failed), and the Administrator is back in the username field. Think I need I bit more help on this one!!!
  10. Hi All, Bit new to all this, so I apologise in advance. I've managed to coonet my I900 using Wifi, however I just wondered if it was view the files on my PC (pictures, viedo word, excel files) on my I900 using this. I searched through these forums and found that you might be able to connect to my PC using an app called Resco Explorer. I have downloaded and installed the 7 day trial of this, this seems to find my PC, but then asked for a Username,Password and domain. As far as I know I don't have one on my PC, so I'm a bit stuck???? Any help with this would be most welcome. Second if I get connected to my PC will this enable me to view video,word/excel files and listern to MP3s on my i900 from my PC? Thanks in advance for any help.
  11. Hi All, I know that there has ben a couple of threads on this forum to do with the Threaded SMS that the Onmia seems to do, and people asking how you get rid of this to the classic SMS view. However I seem to like the threaded view but have a lttle question about it, or SMS in general. Is there anyway of archiving your 'SMS conversations', by adding a folder to your Messaging profile so you can store old text messages/conversations? I think this would be really useful if you could. Any help would be most welcome. At present it just seems to add to last conversation from that person, which can get confusing. ;) Thanx in advance.
  12. After messing around with various settings, I finally got my Tom Tom 7 to work. I too find that the time keeps increasing at random intervals, usually about an hour forward???? I found that if you turn the Omnia so its landscape, then turn is back again to portrait, it seems to re-adjust the time back to the correct time.... strange.
  13. Quickgpsfix for TT and Omnia?

    Finally got my Tom Tom working, so fingers crossed that it carries on (I've heard that some people have got it working then lost it again) I used the following setting in Tom Tom 7 Other NMEA GPS Baud Rate 4800 COM3. Set Program tab in External GPS to COM 3 Set Hardware tab in External GPS to COM 7 Seems to work, so far. The setting for Tom Tom were stated in the following post: So thanks to Paul (MVP)
  14. Quickgpsfix for TT and Omnia?

    Entered my setting as described above, did a soft reset and tried again. Still no joy :D I have set up Enhanced GPS, and click the Xtra Data Download, but this has not made any difference. Tom Tom states 'Waiting for Valid GPS signal...' on the GPS screen (with the compass), I get 9 or 10 grey numbered dots, but no signal in them at all, and it states 'poor reception' at the top, even though I'm outside and have clear blue sky??? Guess it just don't want to work... :D
  15. Quickgpsfix for TT and Omnia?

    At present I'm using the following settings: In External GPS Program tab: COM 2 Hardware tab: COM 9 Baud Rate :9600 Access tab: Manage GPS automatically (ticked) In Tom Tom I have the following settings: Other NMEA GPS receiver GPS Baud Rate 9600 COM 2 (it only gives me the option of seleting COM 2, COM 5 or COM 9) Any advice would be most welcome.

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