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  1. AnothrNmbr

    Turn off that Damn Proxy

    After I applied this registry change I was also unable to browse using opera. I need to go into the menu > tools > settings > connections and in the Select Network dropdown I had to switch from "WAP Network" (i think this is the proxy we just disabled) to "The Internet" (which I assume just means a direct, proxyless internet connection). ji
  2. Hey guys, some of my settings dialogs (like Alarm2) are coming up all screwed up. For example, if i go into Alarm 1 I can see all the field labels and values just fine but in Alarm 2 there are no labels above the fields and the values are crazy like a gmt timestamp instead of the normal "6:55 pm" that i would expect to see. Has anyone else encountered this? I'll attach a screenshot if anyone is interested. thanks, ji
  3. AnothrNmbr

    Q9H Charging

    yeah, i had this same problem. I couldn't figure out how to make a generic usb/auto or usb/AC adapter charge my q9h. I had to shell out like 30 dollars for motorola's auto charger made specifically for the q9h (what a rip!).
  4. AnothrNmbr

    can't play recorded video

    hey moto q (q9h) users - anybody else have a problem playing back video recorded with the integrated camera? The videos are saved with the .3gp extension but when windows media player attempts to open them i get "invalid file format". copying the files to my desktop and opening with QuickTime also gives me some sort of file format error. I sorta recall making some registry change that had to do with the camera and/or video recording, but now i can't remember the registry key or what the change was meant to do. Anybody have any ideas? thanks, ji