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  1. Excellent ROM, to me, the best one so far!!!!! I hope I'm not the only one with this question and can help others: how to enalble the sd-ext partition (or how to enable extending the application storage outside internal memory for apps) from scratch with this ROM. Just the steps. Because I have messed up my phone and my card plenty of times when using other ROMs. And, this one is for @C3C0: regarding the LagFix app, do you think it would work with this ROM to reduce lags? Should we give it a try? Thank you and keep us with updates, even if they just change one bit, we will try them!!!
  2. LinkedIn, are you ready?: Google+ comes to Mountain View employment listings, submit applications with fewer clicks http://t.co/PhiF40H1

  3. I don't know what's going on, but the battery performance in this v5 is really poor, compared to the previous ones. I someone else having the same problem???
  4. Agree, it's not a ROM problem, or we would have heard of tons of Blades Melted already :) an app manager (and Killer!) is a neccesary tool to avoid draining the battery sometimes... by heat! maybe in the winter it won't be an issue at all...
  5. Yeah! that's right! As anyone can disable it later, I think you should leave it ON by default, not a big deal in my opinion. Mind if I ask you, when are you releasing the new V3? A V2.5 will also do, we are looking forward to see our Blades sharper :rolleyes: !