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  1. Gareth Horne

    Faulty Digitiser on a Smart Ultra 6?

    Had a text yesterday to say my phone was ready for collection, picked it up this morning and it's been replaced with a brand new handset. Setting up again now, hopefully this one will be free of issues. To be fair to the staff at the Vodafone store, they were always friendly, helpful and never questioned the fault was genuine. It's a pity however proved impossible to communicate with the repair centre and get the problem resolved in a more timely manner.
  2. Gareth Horne

    Faulty Digitiser on a Smart Ultra 6?

    Well I'd never buy an iPhone (nothing wrong with them, just not for me), but yes, others could learn a lot from Apple's customer experience. I've had many android handsets and tablets over the years from high end to bargain basement and actual hardware problems have been thankfully rare. Took the phone back this evening and it's been sent away with a request from the store manager for a replacement handset. I'll update this thread when I hear the outcome. In the meantime my old GT-N 7000 Galaxy Note is back in service...
  3. Gareth Horne

    Faulty Digitiser on a Smart Ultra 6?

    Mine's been in for repair twice now and it's still no better, first time I got a voicemail from them saying they'd reset it and it was fine (no it wasn't, I'd already done a factory reset, its an intermittent fault so you won't see it immediately). Despite my trying to contact them to explain the issue (unable to ring them back on the number given, tried Vodafone live chat, even got the Vodafone store to leave a message on their system to ring me before returning it as they we unable to give me a contact number or email address) they simply returned it to store. Fault still present, returned it to store the next day, supposedly to be escalated for a senior engineer to look at. All my contact details left again, post it note stuck to the phone with URL of the youtube video and instructions to google 'Gareth Horne Smart Ultra 6 Fault'. Again they never contacted me aside from a text to say it was repaired and ready for collection. Got it back (no indication of what had been done) and set it back up. Fault is still present, will have to take it back again next time I get a day off work. For a communications company Vodafone seem to be failing badly on this one, why is it not possible to communicate with the repairers directly? It's a shame, we've got another Smart ultra 6 handset in the family and when they work they're a great bit of kit. As mine is at the moment, its a liability.
  4. Gareth Horne

    Faulty Digitiser on a Smart Ultra 6?

    Vodafone store took it in to send off for repair this morning without question, hopefully they do more than wipe and factory reset, which I told them I'd already done. Looking at 12 days turn around though...
  5. Gareth Horne

    Faulty Digitiser on a Smart Ultra 6?

    oh well, back to the store then, guess we'll be finding out how good Vodafone are with warranty issues then... thanks
  6. I've been very happy with my Smart Ultra 6 since I purchased it back in September, however I've recently been experiencing problems with phantom presses on screen, Google voice search launching on its own and unresponsive status and navigation bars. https://youtu.be/GSsUM-_7wRs A wipe of all partitions and factory reset doesn't fix it, the phones been unlocked for any network but never rooted and still is on the stock 5.1.1 ROM. Its only an intermittent fault, but can result in the phone calling people uncommanded when the messaging app is open, and is generally a nuisance. I'm guessing it may be a faulty digitiser? Has anyone had any similar problems or know of anything else to try before I head back to the Vodafone store? Thanks Gareth
  7. Gareth Horne

    Nook Simple Touch reduced to £29

    The "Your NOOK Order Is On Its Way email" went out at 12:44 today complete with UPS tracking number, looks good, guess it'll be after the bank holiday now though
  8. Gareth Horne

    Nook Simple Touch reduced to £29

    Same here, got the order confirmation email at 16:10 on Tuesday, still waiting for it to be charged and it to be shipped, wish I'd been fast enough to use the Foyles link now..
  9. Gareth Horne

    We're giving away a RaspberryPi!

    Random fact - want to try using the Pi as a media centre pc Main phone - still a 2 year old HTC Desire