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  1. power button

    My phone is now with EE for repair. As I can only see this fault happening again, I'm going to sell it when I get it back from EE or keep it as a back up . Thinking of getting a Nexus 4 as my main phone - are these still regarded as decent phones? Don't want to spend over £400 on an HTC1 but then don't want another budget phone that is going to break after a few months. Any other suggestions welcome. Thanks.
  2. power button

    My power button has now sunk into the casing after only 6 months of use. Now I'm going to have to buy a new phone whilst the OSD is in for repair :(
  3. Orange San Diego hasn't been discontinued

    Just phoned Orange to query my online order - wanted to cancel it as I ended up buying a PAYG OSD in an Orange shop. They said no payment was taken from my CC as the handset is discontinued.
  4. [Tool]AIO Tool for San Diego and xolo

    No need to apologise :)
  5. [Tool]AIO Tool for San Diego and xolo

    Sorry to be pedantic, but should this read 'please run this backup program if you have not used the AIO Tool before'?
  6. San Diego down to £99.99 plus £10 top up online

    Yes they're all EE now. However not all stores seem to be aware of the offer. Another EE store in the same city insisted that the discount was for contract phones only. They also insisted that in any case the phone was already discounted so no further discounts would apply :rolleyes:
  7. San Diego down to £99.99 plus £10 top up online

    You were right - I picked up an OSD from an orange shop today and got the £20 public sector discount. What a great phone.
  8. San Diego down to £99.99 plus £10 top up online

    Be interested to know how you get on with this. According to the Orange website it can't be used in conjunction with other offers/promotions.
  9. San Diego down to £99.99 plus £10 top up online

    Yep, just had my order confirmed. Woohoo.
  10. San Diego down to £99.99 plus £10 top up online

    Thanks for info. Think I will hang on for a week or so before looking elsewhere. Could have bought one in a shop before Xmas but I am a skinflint and wanted the £12 tcb cashback.
  11. San Diego down to £99.99 plus £10 top up online

    My order has been put on hold as Orange are now out of stock :-/
  12. San Diego down to £99.99 plus £10 top up online

    is jelly bean available for this handset?
  13. SMS timestamp

    Oh right. Thanks for the info.
  14. SMS timestamp

    Hi (apologies if this has been posted before but did a search and couldn't find anything) If your phone is off and someone sends you a message, the sms is timestamped when the message is received, i.e. when you turn the phone on. Does anyone know of a fix/workaround for this? Thanks in advance