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  1. Rocket

    Hudl 2 charging problems

    Have a look at Settings, Battery. Does it say charging on AC or USB? Definitely try another charger and cable. With the device switched off it should certainly be charging even on USB. I often borrow a Samsung phone charger when at a friend's house and this only supplies 800mA rather than the 2,000mA the Hudl2 requires. I see the insufficient power to charge the device message while using it but if I turn the Hudl2 off it certainly charges. The fact that moving the charging lead causes different behaviour is pointing to a damaged lead or charging socket....
  2. Rocket

    Usage before factory reset?

    Did any of them actually come from Tesco with 5.1 installed rather than 4.4.2? If not then that's your proof.
  3. Rocket

    USB connectivity after Lollipop Update

    My hardware serial number is 090914PE5060858 I bought mine on release day. USB flash drives and USB hard drives working OK for me.
  4. Rocket

    Lollipop update, now no GPS

    Just tried mine for you. GPS fully working here once enabled.
  5. Rocket

    New update Sept 15

    Received the update this afternoon. Showing a release date of 17 Sept 2015. Installed and working OK so far.
  6. Rocket

    Last nights update

    Make sure your battery is above 50% when checking
  7. Rocket

    Last nights update

    Suitably vague.
  8. Rocket

    Last nights update

    Not been pushed to me yet. Is there anything to suggest Tesco have had another go at fixing the charging problem or have they convinced theirselves that their last update fixed it when it hasn't?
  9. Rocket

    January OTA feedback for Tesco

    Charging problem remains for me and my clock went screwy last night too. This update solved nothing for me
  10. Rocket

    Any way to disable adaptive contrast?

    It's called dynamic contrast and is a design feature presumably to reduce the power requirements of the screen as they realised this was a problem. A few of the first reviews out commented on it. Will be a flag in the display driver but no current way to access it. I agree it's damned annoying and we should be able to disable it.
  11. Rocket

    hudl2 does not charge

    I've still got the charging problem even after the update. Been stuck at 54% with the red charge light on whilst I watched something on iPlayer for an hour. Normally it would charge with iPlayer running.
  12. Rocket

    Android 5.0 Lollipop on Hudl2

    https://m.facebook.com/tesco/posts/829827783743021?comment_id=830431703682629&ref=notif¬if_t%3Dfeed_comment Oops! I meant the book of many faces
  13. Rocket

    Android 5.0 Lollipop on Hudl2

    From the Tesco Twitter feed: All hudl 2 users should be available to update to Android Lollipop 5.0 from Monday. That statement is wrong on so many levels. #epicfail
  14. Rocket

    Launch by default

    Looks like I've bottomed this out. Selecting Strava links from yesterday and before give me a choice of what to open with. Selecting links from today don't. Today's links open as https whereas the previous working links open as plain old http. Nothing I've done, just a change on Stravas part and the forum I use we just copy and paste the URL in the address bar.
  15. Rocket

    Launch by default

    Tried this on my S3 and it too no longer opens the Strava application from within the browser and I know I hadn't messed it up. Looks like an update of the application has removed this function. YouTube, Twitter and others still give me the choice. Off to mooch the Strava forum.