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  1. Windows Mobile 6.1 Startup

  2. Any GPS Text to Speech available?

    I think the ATT navigator has text to speach
  3. Problem with Windows Media Player

    i ended up doing a hard reset. :D didnt want to, but i was tired of not being able to use my alarm and ringtones.
  4. refurbed bj2

    I bought my BJ2 refurbished for 50 dollars from att, ive been having the warrent plan on it, and im now coming to somei ssues with mp3's not playing... highly doubtful its related, but nonetheless http://www.modaco.com/content/samsung-i617...mp3s-dont-play/ thast the issue, but on another note, are there any thing comments/feelings you guys have about refurbished smartphones? the case/screen were in perfect condition, what exactly does the manufacturer do when they refurbish phones? and where do they get the phones to refubish?
  5. mp3s dont play

    well all my contacts are backed up in outlook, so thats not a problem, just blah, the gps activator thing, and the reg tweaks for the sms message notification ill have to search for again, i compared the reg. to my oem one, and it found some 730 differences, but alot has changed, and no signifigant differences in windows media player part. i think im going to try to do a little more diggins around to see if there is ANYTHIGN i may be able to find, but ill probably ahve to end up w/ a hard reset.
  6. mp3s dont play

    i really dont want to do that, so id like to try an alternate route? or is there anyway to backup installed programs?
  7. Backlight randomly lights up

    if you do some searching on the forum, youll find your answer. go into the connections settng, and turn off one of the settings im not sure which, but search its there. look in my posts, i replyed to such thread
  8. mp3s dont play

    They will not play. i cant set mp3 ringtones any more, it just defaults back to the att tone. it also pops up a message saying "This ringtone file is corrupted or unavailable. Please choose a different ring tone" wow. i just found out even if i try to set any other ringtone it still says the same error message(even if i select the att ringtone) so that sparked my curiosity, and the mp3's play in tmcore player. and windows media player dosent even open at all, no error message, just does not open. ive done two soft resets, but it still dosent work. any ideas? solutions?
  9. Facebook Questions

    opra mini sucks, its fast at loading pages, but when i try to login to anything it just repops up to the login screen :D otehr than that, its a great browser, better than pie, which BLOWS. THEY REALLY NEED to upgrade that. or i hear mozilla is making a mobile version, ::crosses fingers:: LAWL a new browser* IE = internet explorer, aka a product of microsoft.
  10. Blackjack 2 WM 6.1 standard ROM

  11. Outlook Problem

    so you mainly use your outlook on your phone? and not your pc? most people have the pc as the base, and sync the phone to the pc. but everyone's not the same. first off, did it sync before?
  12. New to BlackJack II ( Need Help )

    click menu(right soft key) and then click edit. edit it to your liking. then click menu again, then hit file>save as then renamed it w/o the (1) (thats if you want to overwright the org file so you dont have duplicates with your new changes.
  13. Remove carrier text?

    and you are saving the edited one as a different file name right? and your phone is app unlocked(not sure if this is nessecary, but dosent hurt)?
  14. Flash 7 and Youtube on BlackJack II

    you know, its kinda sad that this kind of stuff hsa to be done outside of the default. before i could not get youtube vids to work for anything.... maby its cu im stuck on the freaking EDGE network :D 3G is coming our way, "by the end of 08" ugh!
  15. Flash 7 and Youtube on BlackJack II

    i did it the "alternate method" first, not reading like i should have(doh) then did hte first on... lol the video's work, should i just leave it alone? or is there something i need to reverse