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  1. Hi, i have build custom roms for the 8120 (vodafone 845) and if i delete de ISO usbmounting won't work anymore. In the vodafone version you need the image file on data/cdrom
  2. [ROM] FLB-Mod 1 (Based on Android 2.1)

    Hi flibblesan, Could I ask you a quick question? did you had any users that use your rom complaining about WiFi problems? I have some users in different countries that complain of not working Wifi or WiFi that doesn't want to turn on. I have no idea where to search for the problem. because i don't have any problem at all.. Did you had any succes deodexing my rom? i would have DM't you but you have disabled it? I hope to hear from you.. Thanx!
  3. Stop Vending(Market) from autoupdating?

    Thanx for your explanation
  4. Stop Vending(Market) from autoupdating?

    Could you explain what you have changed in the .apk
  5. CUSTOM ROM vodafone 845

    If you have any questions please look at my topic at XDA i'm not updating this topic anymore..
  6. vodafone 845 screen goes black

    download the original rom from the huawei site and follow the instrucions that are inside.
  7. vodafone 845 screen goes black

    I haven't had any complains about this. Have you tried doing everthing from the beginning? wipe data/cache wipe dalvik, wipe sd-ext are you using some rare applications or something like that? Maybe it a defect on your phone?
  8. CUSTOM ROM vodafone 845

    it is a mod you flash i over the basic rom ;-)
  9. Vodafone 845 & Pulse Mini

    Because i have tried it ;-) and it did not work..
  10. CUSTOM ROM vodafone 845

    The only difference is that the red colors are green in the greenmod ;-)
  11. problem rooting vodafone 845

    try removing the drivers and install them all over again?
  12. problem rooting vodafone 845

    you need to install the pc-suite first with the drivers. Then put your phone in download mode bij pussing end dial and volume down.. then connect trew usb after 5 sec and start superboot..
  13. CUSTOM ROM vodafone 845

    just flash from recovery.
  14. CUSTOM ROM vodafone 845

    1.3.2. online enjoy!
  15. CUSTOM ROM vodafone 845

    updated vodafoneapps with all vodafone apps (including Egypt and Hongkong)