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  1. Grab an app from play store to monitor what's using the CPU. Something like Watchdog Lite or Usage Timelines Free. They'll show you what's hogging your processor and causing lags. Watchdog can also alert you for apps using X amount of cpu. In my experience android system uses a fair bit of CPU on initial boot but after that this ROM idles nicely - even with Google sync plus my email (k-9). Watch out for the Facebook app and also stock email with exchange sync. These killed my phone so are now removed. I use mobile browser for Facebook and Enhanced Email for exchange and have no day to day CPU issues. Best ROM I've used so I'm sticking with it!
  2. Top notch! Working like a charm now. Thanks a million :-) . Ps. For those of you posting about random reboots I can confirm that officially unlocking the bootloader will sort this issue. Well, it did for me anyway! Search the forum for g300 official unlock (as I don't have the link to hand sorry).
  3. I've also encountered this data issue. Certain times my data has stopped working. But I can confirm that switching to 2G and back to 3G (or 2G/3G) does fix it. it's far less annoying than the loss of mobile signal issue that other roms have! but I guess it would be good to know why it happens.
  4. Totally agree - best job ROM yet. Well done. I too have Bluetooth issues. Can pair if searching for the phone but issues finding and pairing from the phone. Seems to restart BT at the point you key in the passkey. Same on v7 as 6.8.