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  1. Ask MoDaCo: The Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

    Does this phone support all UK lte bands (3,7,20)?
  2. Hudl 1.3.1 Update

    I'm getting told that the update is available, but when I try, it won't update because I have CWM instead of the stock recovery :-(
  3. moto g crealing

    I think @TescoHudl deserves a Blue Peter badge for that fix :D
  4. We have 5 copies of CoPilot to give away!

    Hi! I'm Stuart from York. I've been using Android since the G1, and currently have a Galaxy S2 and a Nexus 7 (as well as my old Orange San Francisco) to play with. None of these devices has ever had the standard ROM on for more than 24 hours! My most memorable drive was while on holiday in California (years ago, before I had kids!). We got a rented Pontiac convertible and drove from Los Angeles up to San Francisco on Highway 1 (The Pacific Coast Highway). The scenery on this route is absolutely fantastic, and I would recommend the route to anyone!
  5. @vertico: I have one of these and it's quite a nice case, but it doesn't do the smart sleep thing unfortunately. Hope this helps
  6. Bluetooth is working well with my Parrot MK6100 (phone and music streaming both working like they should).
  7. SIM Unlocking Service

    Or you could consider switching to giffgaff (will work on O2 phones without unlocking).
  8. I haven't installed any add-ons or themes and I did a full wipe (system/cache/dalvik) before flashing. Also, I set the governor to Smartassv2 last night and the battery went from 88% to 0% in 7 hours (airplane mode, sleep). I'm going to keep watching this thread because I like the rom, but I've had to revert to Swedish Spring for now. Keep up the good work, and I'll be having another try when I'm not relying on my phone as much as I am right now.
  9. Fantastic ROM, but with a couple of problems on my OLED Blade. First, the camera & camcorder don't seem to work at all - just a black screen. Second, twice today, the notification bar has completely disappeared - followed by apps with notifications FC'ing, then everything hanging. Had to pull the battery both times. Has anybody else had either of these issues? Other than that, I love this ROM.
  10. Small problem with my Archos 80 G9

    Paul tweeted late last night that he has managed to root the G9 :) It sounds like it's been a tough one to root, though, so thanks to him for all his efforts. No doubt we'll hear from him soon with some more details.
  11. OTOH, my 10 year old son has a Blade and he loves it for gaming.
  12. My Archos 80 G9 8GB arrived! Any questions?

    I won't be getting one for a couple of weeks - I have every confidence in you getting root before then :) Thanks for your replies. S
  13. My Archos 80 G9 8GB arrived! Any questions?

    Thanks for the quick reply Paul. Is the G9 display quality better than the Vega? The G9 seems almost too good to be true so far - as long as there's no 'nasties' hiding in there, and it can be rooted etc., I think I may need to take the plunge.
  14. My Archos 80 G9 8GB arrived! Any questions?

    Paul, Which would you recommend - G9 or a good used Galaxy Tab P1000? Also, if you have the 3G dongle for the G9, is it SIM locked? Thanks, and looking forward to your full review.
  15. Movies in zte-blade?

    Actually, giffgaff have a genuinely unlimited policy (but doesn't allow tethering).