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  1. wifi not working confirmed: A version for: full wipe KoB 30B Germany full wipe KoB 30A full wipe Kob no oc no ram hacks fixes full wipe kovalski 30A I'll try and do the fix as seen in post above... and it works. Bedankt gozer.
  2. Thanx, again. LARD :wub:
  3. I keep get missing calls with these V20o roms. After not using the phone for about 15 houres it looses its data/network connections. In the display everything seems ok but I cannot receive calls or SMSes. I've had this problem since the the Leaked v20o rom. Now on this one as well. I use stock kernel. Just the untouched base + addon prebake-file here. (no custom kitchen) I used recommended baseband and ril. Tried v20i and v20j. Even the "new" Russian V20b baseband and Ril. I even replaced the simcard. It looks like it's v20o specific. But what could be the culprit?
  4. I used the Prebake download. No worries. I'm happy with it so far (stock) bloathed as it is :D