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  1. sorry, another noob question. i have just installed J6 rom by secany. is this applicable? why does it mentione this is for titanium? do i need to install this first?
  2. Orange Update

    i think so....since orange has its own unit to upgrade, well, i was looking forward to solve this battery problem tanager have... did any1 noticed how fast our battery sink down...tsk, tsk...that sometimes i have to charge it everynight..
  3. Accessories for the Tanager!

    some1 from a smart wireless center at podium told me that i can get complete accesories at brightpoint somewhere in araneta ave. in qc... its also an authorize service center of tanager according to them.... also read an article that there are many cameras available for this phone..just wondering if there are any here..
  4. SMS tips

    any1 know how to make this characters on our phone? "Ü", "Ö", "ü",etc. having hard time doing smileys....
  5. So what programs/games have you installed?

    ei guys, any games? ive tried several games i dowloaded from different sites... and still have couples on my phone..microturismo is a nice one though the controls aren't good but its worth enuf to kill ur time for a while... but most games available on the net arent free...
  6. new smartamazing phone owner

    i was on the other forums... there was a topic there something about unlocking the phone..yes, it voids the warranty, but did any of u tried the hard reset? will it restore your phone to its original settings? i mean will it lock the phone to smart again?
  7. just go to menu, then show folders, then go to outbox...all your unsent messages are there... 8)
  8. camera quality

    ei im new here though ive been using my smrtphone for quite some time now...and beginning to like it more now for im discovering something new everytime. i like everything about the except for one thing.the camera, dont get me wrong, i mean the pic quality of the camera is really good for a camera phone but isnt kinda slow compared to 3650 or 7650? u can barely record a video with that... well, anyway..i love my phone.. 8)