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  1. Less than a week until the Nexus 4 release, are you still buying?

    well i will buy a nexus 10 if i had the shot and was in release country now i am stuck waiting for an eternity...
  2. Google Nexus 7 gets shockingly reasonable pricing for the UK

    wish i could order from abroad :( i am stuck waiting for an ebay auction now
  3. miui launcher for armv6

    well it was found on a chinese site ;) i didnt try to download themes but i believe it will work . also as far as i know it doesnt seem to be much cpu eater :)
  4. as the sourcre is closed i found a small launcher that completely transform your vivacity to a full skinned miui ,tested to my t-mobile vivacity and i would like to share it if it is working for you cheers :) as i tried to upload it and i was not allowed here is the link http://hotfile.com/dl/143159317/fbe1109/MIUI_Launcher_3.1.apk.html
  5. hp web os goes open source

    well thats a new that i wouldnt expect hp web os is getting freeware [codehttp://www.engadget.com/2011/12/09/hp-webos-to-live-on-through-open-source-hardware-lineup-still/] thats great cause now the hp touchpad will be fully utilised and an ics will be the easiest port,also ubunty and meego may be ported as we will know the drivers of the tablet time will show :) sky is the limit
  6. well in the past i was the owner of an andvent vega ,in nowdays i own an hp touchpad,over xda they have a reward of 2000 usd for brnging android on hp touchpad while there is an early alpha cyanogen mod the reward is not claimed ,and i was wondering if anyone can port a honeycomb port to this little beast that is dual core http://forum.xda-dev...play.php?f=1247
  7. Ubuntu Linux 11.04 (natty) on Vega (update 13/4)

    anyone to post a ready image for us noobs :( i would like to try it when my vega arrives :(
  8. i would like to see honeycomb over this little beast so add me to the lottery i have been in windows phone ship for a time and now i want to swim in linux :(
  9. asus jupiter wm 6.1 version released

    well anyone to give me the steps to install the wm 6.1 i will be glad i am a newbie in windows mobile :D
  10. well i found the 6.1 rom but i couldnt install anything anyone with any idea