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  1. ZTE Skate TPTs

    Scrap that! Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  2. ZTE Skate TPTs

    Thanks for your help, I do appreciate it. I did what you said but I still have no mobile network connection. I decided to download a Checkmend report and I don't understand what it is trying to say (Pic uploaded). I phoned Orange who said that the phone is not barred and that in 24hrs they will combine my SIM card number to my IMEI and the phone will work. I'm not sure about that, it was working fine on Vodafone before so if that Checkmend is correct I have no idea why this has happened. Uploaded with ImageShack.us UPDATE: Phoned Orange again today to verify what I was told last night and I was given wrong information. The IMEI is barred and they won't tell me why. The guy I bought it from say's the phone is not stolen, lost or insurance claim blocked as the Checkmend reports. So there you go people, you can buy a second hand phone and it can get barred for a secret reason that can not be lifted unless you have proof that you bought the phone from new. I am f****ng livid!
  3. ZTE Skate TPTs

    Hi can someone help please? I have an Orange Monte Carlo P743T and it lost it's Mac and IMEI for an unknown reason. I re flashed the BlueMonte+ ROM and the IMEI and MAC came back and it was reporting that it was connected to T-Mobile (Previously unlocked with QPST) but when I tried to make a call it just went to 'Call End' all of the time with any SIM installed. I also noticed the IMEI SV (I think) number was '0' if that means anything. After much fiddling I downloaded an app and Pigfish that told me my phone is a 'Gen 2 Blade'. I then downloaded a TPT checker & down-loader that said the device was actually a 'Gen 3' device and that I needed the 'Skate-v2b TPT' file. I verified the hash was OK and the app said it matched so I flashed it with volume up + menu and power with the USB out and it was a success and loaded CM. I then tried to install a ROM (Swedish Spring RL S5) but the phone always reports 'No space left on device' no matter what I format or what ROM I try. The phone will then not re-boot unless I hold the 'volume up + menu and push the reset button with the USB removed' and so re-flash the 'Skate-v2b TPT' again to CM. I am thinking about trying other TPT's but worry I might brick it although I did try the 'Skate-v2a TPT' but it just said 'error' in green a bunch of times. Any thoughts welcomed! UPDATE: Flashed 'Gen1-to-Gen2-TPT-v10-stock.zip' and phone booted again with 'IMEI SV : 00 and Mobile Network State: Disconnected'. It has a full signal and is showing the T-Mobile logo! Is it possible this has somehow become IMEI Barred? I did buy it second hand from eBay but I used it for 2 months with no problems?
  4. 3 Free HTC Unlock codes

    For the sake of twenty quid? If your that hard up you want to risk your phone becoming a brick how did you afford it in the first place?
  5. Hi I wonder if you can advise me. I installed the 'update-hero-generic-2.73.405.66-rooted-signed' ROM onto my HTC Hero but was soon prompted to update my phone, I'm guessing by HTC. I thought this may take away the root access but decided to do it anyway as I could find no other way to get rid of the annoying update notification and I still have my gold card. However this fails to update the phone because of a signature problem or some such thing. Does anyone know of a way I can update the phone without losing root or just get shot of the update nag? Thanks in advance Phill. I have installed 'HeroC-Radio-' which has stopped the update message so far but I don't know if installing that is a good thing or not other than the update message is gone. Any advice welcomed.
  6. SPV E650 de-Brand + Fix Pack 0.5

    This is turd. It screws around with the bluetooth amoung other things. Anyway how can you debrand an Orange phone thats made just for Orange? What are you debranding it to? This is just your own custom written firmware which isn't very good at all. Don't give up your day job!