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  1. MoDaCo data breach: Full statement

    I have not had a email from Modaco about the data breach, I only found out myself by using haveibeenpwned site which I'm very disappointed about. Please remove my account and all details from your site and system. Thank you.
  2. Excellent, works great! Thanks!
  3. I bought this last week, it's really good and super fast delivery! Looks great and it does feel like leather. I would definately recommend this!
  4. Don't hold on to the 'End Call' button, but just press it once then as soon as you let go press and hold the down volume key. Should work if you have spbwatcher and spb mobile shell installed.
  5. I have also posted this over at the vodafone eforum and thought it'd be a good idea to post it here as well. As you are probably aware, using spb mobile shell and spb watcher does not allow you to use the flash light feature on the Omnia by simply holding down the volume button. I have however found a workaround for this problem: Press the 'End Call' button and as soon as you release it press and hold the 'Down Volume' button on the right side of the phone.....WE NOW HAVE LIGHT!!