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  1. Itskins Lava Galaxy Note 2 - Hands on

    Just got mine today ordered it after seeing this review. It is a very nice case just what I needed. Thanks sharing:D
  2. I tried twice now and it got bricked both times so will not try anymore
  3. some advice please i am on vodafone branded rom hh3 brfore that i was on hh1 vodafone branded again but i tried to flash it with the hh1 rom that was on this site but my fone died 30 minutes after it worked but managed to get vodafone to give me a new handset, so what i would like to know is can i flash this straight on to my new fone. thanks in advance
  4. ok as my phone is now dead if i return it to a samsung service centre will they know that i flashed it?
  5. ok it was working but now i switched it of to change the sim card and now it wont turn on. when i plug in usb cable to computer all i get is monahans anyone know whats gone wrong. have i now got a dead omnia
  6. Can i just say thanks to this forum and this thread as i have now got rid of the vodafone rubbish that was on my phone and now it is running hh3,got to say i was nervous as the last time i did anything like this it was with a motorola e398 :lol: and that was a while ago. so now i have done that anyone want to let me know which rom to put on there next :D
  7. Ok i have been reading through these forums for a bit now,i just need some advice on what i need to get and what to flash my omnia to,this is what it is now on vodafone
  8. anyone help me

    Thats where i failed then as i got mine from vodafone
  9. anyone help me

    I know but what i`m say is in the video he is scrolling through them but mine only show up as in my screen shot like a grid i do know how to get into the main menu i just would like to srcoll through them as in the video i have a vodafone branded omnia
  10. anyone help me

    Yeah i know that but mine is like this but i would like to be able to scroll through them like in the video
  11. Ok how can i make my programs menu like this as at the minute it is in grid format if you now what i mean,i would like like this so i can scroll through them like this
  12. Ok i`m gonna sound dumb here where abouts in the phone do i put this file ;)