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  1. Amazon Appstore...

    I don't think that's necessarily correct. Initially, I had the same problems a others, so I pulled an old version of my GS2 and used it for about a week. Today, I updated the Amazon Appstore app, and the problem was gone. I'm on the AT&T version, so, no 1.29 update for me. The screen shot is the Appstore version I'm using.
  2. Will that include the RCs, or only the final release?
  3. Is there anything specific that needs to be added to accommodate the new FM radio functionality released in Cyanogen's nightly? git changelog: http://goo.gl/rRJE
  4. dammit, Paul. you make me love you too much! :huh:
  5. theoretically: 3dB = double power. 6dB = doubled, then doubled again. on another note - anyone updated the AT&T version of the N1 with the radio image? Problems?