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  1. See here. It does work. But think you're missing the init.d hack
  2. Done it myself now. This is the original vold.fstab file under /etc
  3. Have rooted my phone and done the init.d hack. Can you post your vold.fstab file? I'm thinking of not even mounting the internal 1.6GB so I just have the real internal memory and my real 32Gb SDcard. But I was wondering, is there a way to repartition the phone so that the internal 1.6GB gets merged with the real internal memory of the phone? Any ideas?
  4. Who...

    Very happy with mine. I pre-ordered from Expansys so have had it a couple of weeks. Best phone I've had having upgraded from a HTC Desire. btw- I've no problem with GPS at all.

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