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    Nexus 4, 7 3G and 10 go on sale, 4 sells out

    Funnily enough, the ad appearing alongside this article for me is for... the new Google devices! Not sure, with the quick sellout, those are advertising dollars well spent?! Oh, it's all Google so it's all 'free' - ah!
  2. Hi all, I'm looking for the current best buy for a Desire Z. Ideally it'd be unlocked with no contract, but I'm happy to consider signing on the dotted line and just unlocking it myself if there's a deal to be done... Would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions! Thanks in advance, Simon
  3. Hello again and thanks for the replies so far, When you say you reinstalled the graphics KEXTs, I guess that implies more than one - which do you need to re-install? Also, I find that Time Machine does not work for me - it seems to hang. Same thing with iWork - they seem to load, however it looks like something screen-y is stopping them displaying properly. I updated to the 1.08 BIOS, but no better. Any ideas anyone? Thanks again, pSimon
  4. Hello everyone, As of yesterday, I am a proud Advent 4211 owner. Enjoying it so far, very much, except for one issue... I've run through the instructions for Mac OS X installation (thanks Paul!) very carefully and find that once I install the 10.5.5 update (per the instructions to remove the troublesome kext), my resolution gets reset to 800x600. If I then try to re-load the graphic kext, my machine just hangs on boot. Have re-built it three times now already! If I try the previously suggested 'resolution changing application', it does not add in the 1024x600 resolution. Any thoughts anyone? Thanks in advance for your time and assistance, pSimon