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  1. GMail Invite Thread

    I still have a few invites so feel free to PM me with ur firstname, lastname and email addy
  2. GMail Invite Thread

    Thank you very much. Much appreciated
  3. GMail Invite Thread

    I would like to have a GMail account, anyone has any invites left? Thanks
  4. Orange SPV C500 - 200mhz!

    According to the specs C500 has 3 days standby and 8 hours talk time.....When will they start to post the real batter life under media playing or playing games as these phones are advertised as such.
  5. Ong-Bak

    Yeah this film is a cult hit, if you are a martial arts fan then it is a must see. It took me about three years before i got a dvd with subtitles for this film.
  6. Premier League Champions!

    We are the champions....we are the champions....we are the champions!!!.... too many beers and i even forgave Leyhmans idiocy.
  7. I have an original SPV, there are a couple of sms's in my sim that was sent by orange (free news headlines), i cant seem to find a way to delete them using my SPV, it just bothers me that everytime i import messages from sim and its there. If i cant do it using an SPV can anyone recommend a SIM reader/writer that i can use with my PC.
  8. Intercom functions with DECT phones

    I have dect phones (binatone) as far as i know the other person has to accept just like a normal call. I know it would be nice to have a function like u mentioned so that my mom wont have to shout at me everytime.
  9. Damn Damn Damn i forget to look at the forumn for one day and i miss out on a brilliant offer :)
  10. London Underground HA

  11. Arsenal Sign Reyes

    Hmm, still any1 thinks hes a waste of money :) :D :D
  12. Arsenal Sign Reyes

    lol the reason i said valuable experience is because your team is fighting so hard for survival, it will only bring some good skills for our player. You might get wiltord for free next season, if u manage to stay in the premiership :wink:
  13. Arsenal Sign Reyes

    I would let pennant stay there for another season and get some more valuable experience ......I cant stop imagining Arsenals position in a few years time with so many young talents :lol:
  14. Arsenal Sign Reyes

    I have watched a couple of games when he played and unfortunately those games i watched he wasnt all that, but knowing Wengers track record for spotting talent i am sure in a years time he will be an household name in U.K.