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    Cut the Rope: Experiments free on improved Amazon Appstore today

    Is the amazon appstore app still a huge battery drain?
  2. Right here we go You can download the Google Panel files here in the "Google Panel.zip" file. This Zip contains the files needed for the google panel (including some renamed files to work with the VodafonePanel registry settings). Download the file, extract it somewhere on your pc. Make sure your phone isn't on the Vodafone Panel and connect your phone to the pc and open Program Files/Panels/VodafonePanel/ Delete all the files (don't worry, I've uploaded a copy of the original Vodafone Panel files too) Now copy all the files from the Google Panel you extracted to the phone into the VodafonePanel folder Disconnect your phone from the pc and press the panel key. Enjoy the Google Panel
  3. hutchy2570

    X1 with Tom Tom?

    yep and yep
  4. hutchy2570

    Voda X1 - Messenger

    try total commander
  5. hutchy2570

    Voda X1 - Messenger

    The registry change unlocked the connections so they could be modified, but windows live now doesn't even try and connect. That was the information I used from the XDA-developers forum to change the MyISP and WEB connections
  6. hutchy2570

    Voda X1 - Messenger

    I've tried unlocking the Vodafone connection settings (registry entry needed changing to 0 for readonly) and changed them to the tmobile settings. It looks like messenger (and the email app too) just flat out to refuse to connect to anything other than the vodafone connection with the default vodafone settings.
  7. hutchy2570

    Voda X1 - Messenger

    I've got the same issue, it seems all the default windows apps (mail, messenger, live and ie) all try and use the vodafone connections.