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  1. Hi, i open this thread for games on Nexus 10. Here a link with Nexus Game Compatibility : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AgDgHmCGZo8YdHh1WWhWWTd4UUJ4NmZBSUZzSkVqRkE#gid=0 My question is why Nexus 10 is incompatibility with many games!!!! I want install chainfire 3d but this, bricks my Nexus, why?? I want play tegra games!!!!
  2. aLvaRiTo!


    esta rom no es demasiado vieja???podrian traducir la rom al español Custom "Lite" (LTE02) ROM on DTHJ9 with FlashLite3.1 & UC, Lite version with working FL3.1 and user customization (UC),no creeis??un saludo
  3. Hello,Dear Modaco people: I have a question.Can somebody do this rom in spanish language?We are spanish people that want this rom,but we need the spanish as pricipal language.we are very thankful. bye bye,thank you