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  1. Update Zip to enable DT2W on Huawei / Honor devices

    I'd seen this for P9 Lite and was tempted however I want to keep Android Pay working so don't want to root really or mess with system files if it disables this.
  2. Guide: How to 'Stockify' your Honor 5X

    Very good guide Paul. Decided it's probably more a side step than an upgrade from my X Play...
  3. Three Stores

    None on display yet I thought it was available from the 12th? I didn't bother asking as I hate being hassled in those shops.
  4. No development yet

    Same old negative glossywhite.
  5. Mount /system RW fix(?)

    That's wrong because I can write to system when fully booted.
  6. What are the barriers to a CM 12.1 build?

    Well done mate. Fancy doing a build for the Moto X Play now too ha ha. That's an SD615 device too.
  7. Getting AdAway working

    I use es file explorer and first mount system partition as writable before making the changes. It sounds to me like maybe that step wasn't done in your case. I wasn't knocking what you have done its just an alternative method. If it works and helps others then its great.
  8. Changing DPI

    Change it manually in build.prop?
  9. Getting AdAway working

    I don't understand all this about system being protected. I've modified build.prop and deleted system files and disabled boot animation. This all survives multiple reboots..
  10. additional language support

    I replied on xda. Download and install stock Portuguese rom.
  11. Selling up; bored of it.

    Wow there really are a lot of reviews saying the play has lags and software problems. Hopefully can be sorted with a software update for them... And us.
  12. New update - security updates - 13mb

    It claims to be in cache\fota but I couldn't find it.
  13. Is this worth £75 more?

    Kazam? I'm off to Google that...
  14. Didn't realise they have amended the website now says it ships with 5.0.
  15. I'd definitely keep trying. Might even send a cheeky mail to the CEO about the false advertising. He doesn't reply but someone in his office does.