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  1. This isnt just T-Mob, I'm in exactly the same boat with Orange....
  2. Sweet!! Cheers for that :D Ben
  3. Send them an email Paul, you never know they might send you one for free for testing ;)
  4. so is this not just the same but cheaper...? and then if you just want a folding mains plug for laptop bricks.... Ben
  5. bum! I have contacted Amazon about it, will update if / when I hear anything from them. Ben
  6. I've installed the amazon appstore on my new HTC One and it doesnt run correctly... I get a grey bar at the top which says amazonapps on it but then the rest of the screen is black... Anyone else got the same? Ben
  7. Hi All Just a quick one to see if anyone knows if the Sensation will automatically enter doc mode when you put it in a dock...? The reason I'm asking is that I'm going to be making an iphone to adaptor dock thingy so I can use my sensation more easily on the many iphone docks me, my friends and family have.. something like this... Clicky! So I'm wondering if I need to buy some magnets... or if this just isnt something that HTC phones do...? Cheers Ben
  8. Hey I have done this via the original method and is working nicely. One thing tho, has anyone got pc suite etc to work? I cannot find any drivers for the Dell Mini 5 my pc now detects and ive tried the three options the sdk drivers give me with no luck...? Its not that I use pc suite but its annoying that doubletwist doesnt detect the streak now... Any ideas anyone? Cheers Ben!
  9. Ahh yeah maybe, doesnt matter now tho :) Ben
  10. Hey kibcom, what bit in particular do you think might be the problem? Which version of 2.1 unofficial are you running? Cheers Ben
  11. Hi All I did this update to my streak on tuesday night, I rooted using universal androot (as i couldnt find any info on rooting build 8105) and instantly thought "Yes this is more like it". Unfortunatley since then I have had issues daily with my phone, from becoming hugly laggy (with task managers reporting 100% cpu useage but unable to tell me what was using the %) to the phone becoming totally unusable (screen doesnt respond nor do any of the soft keys, can't turn the screen off have to take battery out etc..) So now I have changed the build.prop back and unrooted... Anyone have any ideas why this seems to make my streak fall over? I'm running Pauls 19/ Aug 2.1 Build 8105 and its a Unlocked Streak direct from Dell. Thanks in advance to anyone that is able to shed some light.. Cheers Ben
  12. Hi All Just coming out of quite a messy break up after 5 years (she's shaggin someone else...) anyway I wanna know if it is possible to bar her number so i will no longer get calls/txts? I've phoned orange and they told me it is a handset feature not a network one.... can anyone help? Cheers Ben
  13. Yeah it isnt going to be an easy choice, I hate Orange tho they've always messed me about. T-mob coverage isnt too bad and to be honest as long as i've got 2G coverage at home and can still take calls I'm not too bothered. (I only know 1 person with a 3G phone hah) Cheers
  14. Cheers Jimbo, now I just need to decide... stay with Orange or jump ship to T-Mob... Decisions... Ben

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