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  1. Glitching in graphics on video playback

    My friend had blue lines over the videos he was trying to play on a hudl. We just installed MXPlayer and told it to use software decoding rather than hardware decoding, all displayed fine then :) Maybe there is an option in the youtube app to force software decoding?
  2. Anyone got a workaround for auto brightness being a bit messed up? My screen always seems to be almost full brightness when this is set and even if I use manual settings it doesn't seem to stick (did a full wipe before install). Cheers....
  3. I didn't bake a ROM, just used the standard one with A2SD+ rom the first page which I imagined Paul created :) Anyone using the pre-baked ROMS from Paul without seeing the constant SYNC issue?
  4. I used the r3.1 ROM with a2sd+ last night and have a few issues with it when running. Anyone got any ideas? 1. It now takes an age for the phone to power on, around 1.5 mins to the "quietly brilliant" screen and then another 2 until you get into the phone proper. This used to be about 20 seconds before the new ROM 2. The SYNC icon is almost constantly on and its using as fait bit of data according to 3G watchdog. I have removed all accounts aprt from my gmail one which is just set to sync mail and it hasn't improved, SYNC still almost constant :) Cheers, Neil
  5. r4 HTC Desire Easy Rooting Guide with Tiny Core Linux

    Nice simple guide thanks. May give this a go tonight :)
  6. Vario reboots randomly :-(

    I got fed up with the fequent unrequested reboots so went for and upgraded to the latest QTEK rom. Not only have the reboots stopped, but the phone is much more responsive. Well worth giving a go in my opinion. ;)
  7. MDA Vario changing dial pad

    I think I found a link to it on htzwizard.com in the apps section
  8. On the default today screen, my right hand button shortcut is set to contacts. Since yesterday (when I was doing a bit of space tidying on my Vario!), this function seems to have gone. When I click on the word or press the button it tells me that the shortcut doesnt exist! I can access it via other contact items, it looks as if the shortcut used by the Today screen has gone ;) Anyone know what I might have deleted? Cheers, Neil
  9. Cheers Mate. Spot on. I just didn't tick the secure connection box this time and all went through fine ;) Thanks again. Neil
  10. Hi, I am trying to connect my Rikaline GPS to my Vario. This unit works fine with my IPAQ and SPV C550. I have paired the devices and am able to input a blank passcode (which is the default) to sucessfully pair the two. I then add a new outgoing com port and add it to the Rikaline device. The problem starts when I point TomTom at the com port. I then get a message saying that the Rikaline wants to connect to my unit and prompts me for the passcode again. At this point, I can't enter a blank passcode ;) The "next" button is greyed out until I type something and if I try another code the connection gets totally removed! Any ideas on how I can either pair it properly so the 2nd passcode is not requested or get it to accept a blank passcode in the dialog box the 2nd time round? Cheers, Neil
  11. MDA Vario changing dial pad

    oh right. cheers, maybe I will try it out then. Can it be easily removed? Thanks, Neil
  12. Hi, I've only had this phone for a day or two so just wanted to tap into the fountain of knowledge and ask about changing the dial pad graphics for my T-Mobile Vario. I have read about nicer dial pads such as the ETEN dial pad which looks great but seem to lose T9 functionality. Is anyone with a Vario using a "new" dial pad that looks good and has T9? Also, if I have to stick to the original one, is there a way of making the caller photos larger on screen. I used to have a full screen contact app on my SPV C550. Thanks in advance ;) Neil
  13. Can anyone who has the M600 for review at the moment comment on its performance? I just wondered if the 200Mhz CPU performed acceptably. Anyone tried playing wmv or divx on it? Cheers
  14. ScummVM on SPV C550

    The latest patch seems to work fine on mine aprt from getting the keymapping dialog up easily http://forums.scummvm.org/viewtopic.php?t=...er=asc&start=45 Anyone having any joy with this?
  15. Really nice! :) Thanks for your hard work.