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  1. Want to write for us?

    Oddly enough, 14yr olds probably have a better grasp of the written language and current electronic trends then most 35yr olds. Just something to consider...
  2. Srs wowxt hd for i617

    I currently use srs wow hd on my BJ2 and it works with no issues. I do not know if it because I got the right download on accident or not, but the one I use is SRS_WOWHD_ARM.cab. ~ found the file by searching google for srs wow smartphone and testing random cabs until one worked. Makes my BJ2 quite loud.
  3. TibiaME

  4. TibiaME

    Hi all. This is my first post on this forum and I would like to say thank you to everyone here. I have found this site amazing for my BJII. I have been trying to run a MMORPG called TibiaME on my phone (www.tibiame.com) and have been unsuccessful. The TibiaME forums are basically gamers who cant help. so I came here. When I try to run this game, I get a "allow network connection" error. If anyone has time to fool with this, I would appreciate it.