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  1. Ask MoDaCo: the HTC One

    Hey Paul, can the HTC One natively playback 1080p x264 video (high profile 4.1) in either mkv or m2ts containers in the stock video app? How about avi and wmv? Normally use Archos for its enhanced meta data support, but it's nice to know things work without codecs. My GS3 will play the lot straight out of the box, even at 20mbs+ 1080p bitrates. Thanks
  2. Have tried unsuccessfully to change the bootscreen on the wifes new san francisco - unlocked the handset straight from the box, used one-click-root and installed clockwork recovery signed up and got membership so I could use the kitchen, and 'made' a custom alpha 4 rom. Since then however I've flashed the rom with my changes to the bootanimation.zip in /system/media/ I've managed to inadvertantly get rid of the modaco splash screen (which im sorry but the wife hated) as now after displaying the android splash the screen just goes black before loading to the lock screen... so semi success I guess, no custom boot animation thus far though :/ All the guides seem to be for altering the framework apk, but obviously that doesnt apply here as the files are elsewhere. Is the issue that im trying to replace Paul's static dude with a 24 frame animation? All I have done is extracted pauls original bootanimation (using winrar), replaced each of the frames with an identically named png, then re-zipped it again and replaced the original. I've done this before for my own Nexus One as I didnt like the newer cyanogen mod boot animations....Ive never had this trouble before - could an expert advise me? Its a shame the bootanim I made for my nexus cant be used...but its a 100+ frame animation :)