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  1. Samsung Galaxy S Problems

    Not sure if it helps but I mentioned in another post of major initial problems connecting either Windows or Mac ... For Windows, turn off phone, plug usb in to PC, then turn on while plugged in. For Mac, goto Settings, About phone, USB Settings, Turn ON USB Debugging.
  2. I have one arriving tomorrow!

    No creaks at all..in fact my Desire was much worse...but a terrible finger print magnet.
  3. I have one arriving tomorrow!

    What worked for me in the end was to turn off phone, plug usb in to PC, then turn on while plugged in.
  4. I have one arriving tomorrow!

    My initial gripes are...speaker volume low, very confusing and flaky usb file transfer, also any SD cards it formats - is not readable in either Windows or mac..and finally most annoying, I can't get Gameboid to work ;)
  5. I have one arriving tomorrow!

    This is getting weird. It does not even recognise any of my memory cards??
  6. I have one arriving tomorrow!

    Hmm, my mac does not seem to recognise the phone in mass storage mode..
  7. I have one arriving tomorrow!

    Mine also arriving tomorrow (Thursday) ;) does anyone know if the screen is scratch resistant? Thanks.
  8. ADW Launcher

    Same here..although great potential and Im sure UI will be improved in portrait mode, just a little too big as a main device... ordered Samsung Galaxy.
  9. ADW Launcher

    Sorry, short press.
  10. ADW Launcher

    All that is needed now is a way to change application icon sizes to bigger.
  11. ADW Launcher

    Long press the home button, it will give you option to select it as default.
  12. Not sure if this is possible, but i will give a good donation for anyone who can make the Streak home screen work in portrait mode...this is the only thing which I don't like about it. I understand it is supposed to be a tablet 1st, but still would be nice to have it used in portrait mode.
  13. Hero Camera question

    Hi all, I just bought a HTC Hero, it's a great device apart from the camera takes a while to focus and take shots indoors (latest official firmware). My question is, is this lag something which can be improved by firmware updates or is it hardware issue? Thanks.