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  1. I have B3 release...it can be updated to R2 without any wipes? thank you!
  2. Thank You...sorry for the late! but thank you! and Thank You to Fraska!
  3. not bad. just a kill app button and it will be one of my preferred rom!
  4. battery drain a lot...but I like this rom...one kill task button (and Kill all button) maybe will be good as on AOKP...but it's a good start!!! just one thing...it's the first rom where FHM Handheld gone crazy (for two times) and it's the only game I play. lot of memory blocked with unusefull app...
  5. non so se riesco oggi...forse domani dopo il lavoro. intanto già messa sulla SD del cell... posso poi casomai chiederti per delle cose che ho visto su altre rom e che non troverò qui e che ritengo interessanti? ho visto che lavori sulla rom di cyanogen 10...vabbeh...intanto provo...e poi porto la mia opinione!
  6. sei italiano....mo' lo scarico, lo provo e ti dico!
  7. maybe all language. I'm Italian and i prefer to have italian language on it.. with miui i can't... if it's possible to have it...thank you!
  8. Sorry for my english I'm italian just a question...I have b944 rom. i have also cmw installed so that's my question: can I restore a custom rom (even if older) or I can brick my phone? do I have to backup IMEI every custom rom I restore or I can try any rom easily? thank you for any reply!