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  1. Carbon Omega

    lol seriously man i cant keep reloading this topic every 5 mins im tryin to watch football when you gonna unleash this to the mass's? :D
  2. Carbon Omega

    what about the photo tab? did that get resolved? and could you post the dl link lol j/k...... not really mwahahaha
  3. Carbon Omega

    my man please tell me your dropping this freshness tonight :P if not tom. morning is ok to :D
  4. Carbon Omega

    thats great to hear cuz honestly i think it makes the rom more complete as you are going for an htc like rom it seems with everything being skinned htc style on another note how goes the work with sector on fixing the photo tab?
  5. Carbon Omega

    lol no dude you got the wrong impression im not ungreatful or anything i just thought it was funny how the cab was there the whole time and that it works with your rom i thought maybe you had to edit stuff lmao im waitin for ver.003 i hope you can get these menus and the phototab workin i freakin love your roms
  6. Carbon Omega

    i thought you said you were working with the files to make them work i mean why would you tell me to go download the cab over at xda when you said you getting them to work properly?
  7. lol i traded mine to my 2 year old for his marker (the next picasso;P) and sadly can not find it anywhere ; ; but on a happier note my brother in law gave me his spare touch hd stylus man what a differance man the thing is solid steel amazing quality
  8. hello all due to my obsession with all things htc i decided to make this skin for FingerMenu im working on its Msgbox counterpart as i post this so enjoy all you need to do is unzip and copy the folder to you skin directory of FingerMenu, let me know what you think ShintasSense.zip
  9. Carbon Omega

    yeah but the real htc menus like the ones in the link of my previous posts are much better looking as well as having fluid animation
  10. Carbon Omega

    lol wheres the cab? or sre you gonna make me wait till your next release?
  11. Carbon Omega

    hmm well i hope you can get it all working cuz im pumped to finally have it
  12. Carbon Omega

    how goes it? any success
  13. Carbon Omega

    awesome man i cant wait ive been refreshing the thread every 5 minutes lol
  14. Carbon Omega

    Hey man if you dont end up putting the htc menus in your next rom could you just cab it up and post it cuz i have been trying and waiting for so long to have these menus it would be so tits if you put them in your next rom but if not please post a cab as a personal favor to me and ill be sure to send a pepsi or 12 your way
  15. Carbon Omega

    how about the htc menus have you given it any thoughts