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  1. not sure if this is included on the rom % battery display?
  2. Samsung say Australian I9000 has no Lag issue....

    im from Australia, and i have a UK version and i compared it to 2 of my mates Aussie Models, lagfest as expected, i felt sorry for em so i flashed it to M8+voodoo 3.0 lag fix ... now it relates to the topic above :lol:
  3. Android 2.2 Froyo with XXJP2 now available!

    read the feedback from xda its nuts there lol, but i think most people have flashed to JP1...
  4. Force WCDMA (3g) on this device

    M2 firmware has a new network setting to use only GSM or WCDMA, im not sure if thats what your after
  5. I9000XWJM1 is now online

    LOVE this firmware... feels super fast with Mimo SD fix, plus extra settings to certain apps ... and finally Internet Browser brightness has been fixed at full :( highly recommended!! Edit: only thing i dont like is the "sweep glass to unlock" is on all the time now with arrows... looks dodgy
  6. Galaxy S Cases

    phantonskinz WHITE looks SEX! damd guess ill have to order another case, this will be the third lol...
  7. Newest i9000 firmware with protected apps access?

    too much stuffing around just download "Eris Market Fix" from the market... after it installs run the Application, then turn off your Galaxy S, the boot into recovery mode by holding (Home button + Volume Up button + Power Button) when you get into recovery mode, scroll to wipe clear cache, then select rebbot. Then wait about 5 mins and then the paid apps will appear :angry: enjoy!! well it worked for me!
  8. Gangstar on Galaxy S

    looks like the SD card file is for another device like HTC etc, i have the same issue...
  9. i can vouch for this card too working 24/7 :angry:
  10. bleh even if the benchmarks are close to double of stock G5, honestly the speed still feels the same... nothing too amazing in my experience... maybe the high benchies are making our minds think it is faster :/
  11. I9000XWJG5 now available !

    wow double the score... :angry: what did Pauls R2 rom score at?
  12. good feedback from xda members that have flashed to G5 http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread...5194&page=6 Looks like a winner for R3 Paul, you judge buddy if its worth the MCR :angry:
  13. I9000XWJG5 now available !

    you didnt get that error that the xda members were getting?
  14. Navigation (Motonav) on Samsung Galaxy S

    use copilot live 8 much better faster and supports device native res.. i love IGO8 aswell but not working properly... so Copilot is the best alternative..