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  1. Want to sign up for a email address? I don't think it'll be free but I'm still somewhat tempted...

  2. So apparently having Twitter open takes up a full GB of RAM now. O.o

  3. No. It's about upgrade time, but I don't think I could live with 16GB. I have 40GB on my Optimus 2X and it's always full. In Germany there are no truly unlimited data plans and reception is spotty where I live so the cloud isn't an option. I really think 32GB is the minimum I could work with.
  4. I like Jelly Bean a lot.

  5. I quite like this petition.

  6. One of my alter-egos has just been paid. I wish all the Bill Hayes's of the world would learn their email addresses.

  7. "Open Source is out of office", from "[email protected]". Good show, @LGMobileUK. Or whichever LG department this is.

  8. Discovered @Ookla's has a Wii-specific interface. That's a really nice touch.

  9. I followed the link again and got a free loan and gave it to someone. :D
  10. One of my American namesakes signed up to @Match with my email address. @Match (stupidly) emails passwords in plaintext when you sign up.

  11. I signed up, but no free loan. Might make a loan anyway but I haven't got $25 to spare until next month (I'm on an hourly wage and wasn't given much work last month). Shared the referral link around anyway, still looks like a good thing to do prize or not. Cheers.
  12. MoDaCo and MobiCity are giving away a Samsung Galaxy S III! I've entered, have you? #winas3

  13. I got out of the UK before @London2012 and I'm so very glad I did. Germany is a much freer country in 2012.

  14. MoDaCo and MobiCity are giving away a Samsung Galaxy S III! I've entered, have you? #winas3

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