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  1. MattBlacK85

    Paul's Archos 80 G9 review

    Good review, thanks Paul. This can be my first Honeycomb Tablet. But i have one thing, can i use a 2.5inch HDD on the usb slot? So i can play movies from it?
  2. MattBlacK85

    acer liquid help NEWBIE

    Read the forum good before you do things. look at malezRecovery
  3. MattBlacK85

    gps doesnt!!? :(

    Asking for help 20 times in this forum doesn't help. But i have the same problem. This happend after i did the flash the Desire Rom on Eclair. I flashed those zip files in the right order. Updating to latest official eclair won't help.
  4. MattBlacK85

    [ROM] Liquid Community ROM v1.7.3 [27/07/10]

    Is Ext4 for apps2sd already possible? If i try it, apps2sd won't work? Or is it me ;) ?
  5. MattBlacK85

    [ROM||LiquidE] Liberated v1.4.2 by Piter1225

    Nice one! Do you have apps2sd working! I am using LCR 1.2.3 right now, so would be nice if i don't have to install everything again
  6. Great work on the roms! Just flashed v1.8.1 but is it possible to get app2sd? Don't want to install every app againg after flash. I use malezrecovery.
  7. Great work. downloaded and flashed it <_<
  8. Hi there people! I was wondering if there's any dutch custom rom, like shokka or taril. I tried to made one myself, but it wouldn't work. I love to have one. Thanks :(
  9. Hello, i have a omnia with Vodafone firmware. PDA: i900XKHG5/ARHG5 Phone: i900BUHG5 What is the best way to flash it to XKHJ3, the latest dutch firmware, or another dutch rom (if there are some?) I get the incorrect software version error, but the fix doesn't work, the dialer will give a failure. So i found this: With the onscreen keypad input *#3695147*# Select 'Preconfiguration' Enter code *#83301*# and select OK Took me awhile to find this out, some reason it using the I600v codes I have changed the pda to XKHJ3 but on startup i will get a Phone with ! sign it didn't change my phone firmware. In the update software it will give a failure; port retry.. How can i update it? Thanks in advance
  10. timeout-- No PDA Device Found ... close device timeout-- No PDA Device Found ... close device timeout-- No PDA Device Found ... close device timeout-- No PDA Device Found ... close device timeout-- No PDA Device Found ... close device PDA Device not found. I'm getting this error. My phone is plugged in and followed the right steps.. Anybody now how to solve this?