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  1. Quite a lot of phone for the money! What's it actually like build and lag wise? Screen in daylight? Viewing angles? Camera? Fingerprint reader any good, wiil it use marshmallow APIs when it becomes available or stick to proprietary solution? That enough? :P
  2. Xiaomi Xiao Yi Smart camera review

    Mine just arrived, whole process went smooth as silk :) (not to rub it in of course :P )
  3. Xiaomi Xiao Yi Smart camera review

    Not ideal for mounting on a wall and trying to capture a wide angle then! :( Suppose you could mount it to a 45° cut block of wood and mount that up in a corner tho.
  4. Xiaomi Xiao Yi Smart camera review

    When wall mounted, is there enough clearance to rotate the cam left/right whilst keeping it vertical?
  5. The whole 4k/UHD thing has been bugging me for a while now and ever since Sony announced the Z5 Premium with its (part-time) 4k screen (hell, QHD is bad enough!), I’ve felt a need to <rant>...and do some maths! On TVs, 4k is mostly pointless. In the UK at least, there is very little in the way of 4k content. Our broadcast HD content is 720p (or 1080i depending on how you want to look at it) and the vast majority of broadcast content is SD (576i). Even on a 720p screen, up-scaled SD content doesn't look great, worse at 1080p and at 4k, well, you get the idea. Until the vast majority of what you watch is 4k, keep away! Mobile devices are a bit different but essentially, 4k is still pointless. The UI can be native to the resolution so in theory, no ugly up-scaling. Same with photos and videos taken on the device but a dodgy, 480p, Youtube vid will still look sucky and even with native content, could your eyes really tell the difference in normal use? With small screen devices, it’s not so much a content issue, more of a question of perception. It’s widely accepted that the average adult human eye cannot distinguish beyond 300PPI (pixels per inch of diagonal display size) at an average reading distance of 12 inches, nor can it focus on objects closer than 4 inches. So if you had the Z5P, sporting 806PPI, 12 inches from your eyes, out of the 650,000 pixels per square inch on the display, 560,000 would essentially be invisible to you. That’s over 86% of the pixels that you can’t distinguish…but they still require battery and processing power. click to enlarge the image All you really need on a screen of up to around 5 inches, to get that average 300PPI @ 12 inches, is 720p resolution. If you like the screen a bit closer, say 8 inches, then 1080p is all you’d need for the same display size. For 4k, you’d need a 15 inch screen, held 12 inches from your eyes to give the same 300PPI equivalent. In the case of the Z5P, you’d need to hold its 5.5 inch screen 4.5 inches from your eyes to get the 300PPI equivalent – right on the limit of the average adult’s ability to actually focus! Now obviously, there’s an elephant in the room here: Virtual Reality. If you had something like Google Cardboard, a 4k screen might actually be of use. However, unless that’s the only thing that shiny 4k screen is going to be used for, the rest of the time it’s just a pointless waste of processing power and battery life. </rant>
  6. Of course the Z5 Premium doesn't run in 4K all the time...

    4k is just another money making / marketing ploy / dick measuring contest. it serves no purpose in a phone, nor a tv really. the human eye can't even distinguish beyond 300PPI so the Sony's 806PPI is just pointless. people who think the screens look better are generally just noticing the better quality of the panel in general, resolutions doesn't really come into it. this is just like camera manufacturers and the "megapixel war". with that in mind, whilst i approve of the 1080p downscaling, i'd be pretty annoyed that my "all singing all dancing top of the range 4k phone" wasn't actually "doing" 4k, especially considering the price difference vs the std, 1080p Z5... (not that i'd be stupid enough to buy one in the first place ofc!). however, another side of me would be happy that they're trying to mitigate performance and battery issues - but at the same time, those issues wouldn't even be a factor were it not for the stupidly ott screen! wish LG did downscaling on the G4... (in the shipped roms).
  7. When I first head about this I thought "here we go again, more cloud crap" but this, done properly (i.e. proper OS integration at all levels), actually sounds like a decent use of "the cloud". Regarding "normal" people filling up a 32GB phone - i'd say quite easily done. Especially in the advent of higher qual and res cameras - I have 20GB of phone camera pics/vids on my phone alone - spanning back a few years tho. It's nice to have them all there for times when you don't have internet and need to refer back to something.
  8. MoDaCo Mobile Week Episode 43 - IFA madness

    Dual sim: handy when on holiday, probably handy for PAYG users, handy for work/personal (especially self employed)
  9. Is this the HTC M4?

    wouldn't let it sway you that much. still not convinced it's better than my One X's was in daylight. Much better in low light though, even better than my bloody eyes in some cases!! Zoe is badass tho.
  10. Is this the HTC M4?

    but then what will the One's successor be called? I think HTC One Mini would make the most sense from a marketing POV. Jump's on the One's bandwagon and uses Samsung's already recognisable 'mini' format.
  11. HTC's One X Jelly Bean rollout plans detailed

    "Unfortunately we don't have schedules for the One S yet, but we'll keep you posted if we hear anything!"
  12. HTC's One X Jelly Bean rollout plans detailed

    Nah, Paul's only little, more like the Pony's mouth :P *runs*
  13. Rooting the android based Parrot Asteroid Car Stereo?'s later....
  14. Space Invaders Returns!

  15. GoApps - investigating the privacy claims

    nah was talking v8 - you have to deactivate on device then re-activate on new device. had to do it a couple times when nexus had mobo swapped.

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