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    Nook Simple Touch reduced to £29

    I ordered one from Foyles (delivery to ParcelMotel in Belfast for onward delivery to Cork) and I received a despatch email. This was followed by an email telling me that the unit they were shipping had been damaged so I'd have to wait until replacements came into stock. My order is still showing as complete/despatched.
  2. despod

    Vodafone 858/Smart (Huawei U8160)

    @Sebastian404 Thanks for your work - I've root the device and installed your debranded rom and it looks much nicer. @Angmorr You're welcome .
  3. despod

    Vodafone 858/Smart (Huawei U8160)

    edit: PEBKAC
  4. I've a white one up for sale on adverts.ie
  5. despod

    13/Jan 1.2 - Superboot - rooting the Tattoo

    Same here. If I pull the USB cable I get a spalscreen with 3 android chaps.