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  1. I think i've found the answer to the problem although i can't try this as i no longer own a C500. Orange use two types of simcard profile 15 and profile 30... Profile 15 = GSM Profile 30 = GSM/3G Both types of simcard will work in GSM & 3G handsets but some GSM handsets are not compatible with profile 30 simcards. So a quick call to orange cs requesting a profile 15 simcard should sort the problem out. hope this helps someone regards Joe
  2. I've been doing some more research on 3 mobile and apparently you can only use a 3 usim in a 3 authorised mobile (this is stated in their terms of service). To confirm this i went into my local 3 store and sales person said that 3 do random imei checks to confirm the usim is in a phone they supplied if not they suspend your account for not abiding by the terms of service. There is an interesting thread here http://www.3g.co.uk/3GForum/showthread.php?t=45677 which explains why 3 don't like non authorised mobiles on their network. I'll do some more research before i decide and thanks for the cab file. regards Joe
  3. I had this problem too and it turned out to be a duff battery. regards Joe
  4. I've finally found someone on 3 mobile and tried their simcard in my Trinity and it works fine and the signal strength is better than Orange so its goodbye Orange and hello 3 mobile. Does anyone know the mms, internet settings for 3 or even better a cab file :rolleyes: thanks for your help regards Joe
  5. I tried a hacked version of WM5 on it and it didn't work. I've sold the phone now and this has been replaced with a Nokia 6300 which the wife loves and i have to admit is very impressive. I'm now on a mission to find a good sim only contract for my Trinity. regards Joe
  6. Thanks for the reply Monolithix :rolleyes: I've read a few threads on various forums about people who have had the phone unlocked from 3 mobile only to find it still won't work with orange, vodafone and etc hence my question. i don't want to get stuck in a 12/18 month contract that i can't use my SPV M700 with. I went into my local 3 shop (Superdrug) LOL and they had a poster that said "add £5 for unlimited data" which seems pretty good to me :P and another one that said "add £5 for unlimited msn messages" This proves your theory that msn is locked unless you pay extra for it. Which is a shame because if your paying for unlimited data you should get unlimited msn aswell. It would be good to here from somebody that is using a Trinity on 3 mobile before i take the plunge. regards Joe
  7. I have an Orange SPV M700 sim unlocked and running WM6 ( LVSW_Trinity_WM6_v2.0.1.1). I'm thinking of changing service provider and have been looking at the 3(UK) network. Can anyone tell if 3 simcards work in the M700 and works with MMS, 3G and etc... Unfortunately i don't know anyone on 3 so i cant try this myself. regards Joe
  8. My C500 is on the latest official rom and still no go. I've tried the Imate roms and they don't work either. I got a new PAYG simcard from Orange and that doesn't work either. I'm thinking that Orange have changed the software on the simcard which in tern has made it incompatible with the C500. On a another note i tried the simcard on a C600 with the built in sim manager software and it worked fine so C600 owners could try updating to the latest offical orange rom to see if that fixes the problem but that doesn't help my C500 problem. regards Joe PS. The M700 is an awesome phone and i would recommend one to anybody that loves cool gadgets
  9. Gregg, Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunatley no joy at all :D While playing around with it i also discovered that the Sim Manager can't access the sim card either. As the wife still doesn't like the M700 we are now using an old Nokia 6310i ;) regards Joe
  10. problem with my spv c500!!

    If the sim updates fix the problem let us know then i'll call orange again. regards Joe
  11. problem with my spv c500!!

    I'm having the same problem here http://www.modaco.com/index.php?showtopic=...mp;#entry813708 regards Joe
  12. I've just taken a new contract out with orange (Dolphin30 + SPV M700) and everything works fine but the wife doesn't like the M700 so i've put the simcard in the old C500. I can make/receive calls and receive text but i can't send text. When i try to send a text i get the message "Your SMS message has not been sent because the SIM is not valid". Orange have sent a replacement simcard but it's still the same. I rang orange again but they are not interested because it works in the M700. I've tried the simcard in the following phones. Nokia 6310i - works Nokia 6230i - works 3x SPV C500 - won't send text 2x SPV C600 - won't send text SPV M700 - works It looks like the simcard won't work with the SPV C series. I've flashed the firmware to the latest by orange uk and tried a hard reset but still no joy. Has anyone else come across this problem? Any help appreciated. regards Joe