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  1. rexton270

    User experience

    Hello there, would like to ask owners of this phone to share their experiences with this phone. I just bought it and so far impressed. Had before S3 and Note 2 (still have the Note 2) but needed something more `` compact``. For now I have only few things to share : 1) phone came with 4.1.2 out from the box. 2) the model number is 8190N,which means it has NFC. So far there is two more models, the 8190 and 8190L. Don't know what is L stands for, probably LTE,but not sure. 3) phone has two variants : 8GB and 16GB. 4) colours for now are marble white and peeble blue. 5) some devices doesn't have recovery (if the volume down +home+power buttons does nothing) you can use ADB comands. 6) Odin works ok, but take care which ROM you going to flash (if you have 8190N,flash ROM with N as you may lose nfc). 7) despite lower specifications phone works flawlesly. haven't experience any lag or fc so far (touchwood). 8) battery life is ok as well, (right now on 15% since morning). Was playing with it all day.
  2. rexton270

    Desire Unlock - a warning

    That's really a ripp off !!! I would rather donate to some experts from XDA-DEV and get my device unlocked. These unlock web sites are mostly scam or "middleman" garbage...
  3. rexton270

    Windows Phone 7 Desire HD port?

    Why would you screw up your phone with that crap from M$?! I've read somewhere that M$ bought DANGER (company used to produce Danger OS for SideKick devices) and modified the DANGER OS , which is now WP7. (It could be a rumour, but very close to truth imo).
  4. rexton270

    DHD Battery Life

    So... Got very cheap HTC HD2 from chap who couldn't use it... Haven't used WinMo since 10/2008 was a nice comeback (for shorttime). The HTC SENSE UI deserves 2 thumbs up as without it the WinMo shows how outdated it is... Anyhow, installed DHD ROM on my HD2 and now so happy that didn't spent a lot of money to get genuine DHD. Surprisingly, the battery lasted almost 3 days with latest WinMo ROM (3.14.xx) but running DHD drained battery within 8 hours. Formated memocard (FAT32,64KB) and replaced kernel to 8.2 and wolaa battery running almost 2 days... My usual usage is like this : Network - EDGE (3G when downloading bigger files or browsing) 3x Gmail acc (refresh 1x every 30 min and 2x every 2 hrs) RSS - Update every 12 hrs weather - update every 6 hrs calls - 25-40 min per day sms - 15-20 per day web/market browsing - 2-3 hrs per day (on 3G/HSDPA)
  5. rexton270

    Three UK "Skype" APK

    yes, but not 3's version.
  6. Correct, for cash purchase any phone must £20 top up. For credit/debit cards £10...
  7. Hi, can you provide stepxstep guide please?
  8. rexton270

    [PC Application] GoldCardTool

    Hi, thanx for getting back... Sorted already :D but tell you ... it was NIGHTMARE lol.
  9. rexton270

    [PC Application] GoldCardTool

    OK...Made an gold card and after flashing generic ROM (1.21.405.2) the screen stayed black(no response&no homescreen)... Bootloader 0.83...
  10. rexton270


    Nothing is working with my crap Desire... Is it cursed or WTF?!!! Stuck with 2.2 whatever I do... close to flush it down WC... UPDATE : did it :) problem was the memory card!!! You need class 4 or 6. Made goldcard reflashed 2.1 run update (goldcard must be in the phone!) downloaded 2.2 and everything is OK.
  11. rexton270


    cheers man, but still struggling :) at "sending signature" it stops and then pop up 131-wrong cid...
  12. rexton270


    How did you do that??? I have no luck at all, with or without goldcard....
  13. rexton270

    Got Legend

    Hi, if you don't mind , what ROM are you using? Kinda like that UI ...
  14. rexton270

    Disappearing Apps in the Android Market

    There could be three reasons : 1) - developer decided to avail it on certain markets only 2) - developer pulled app out from market 3) - it isn't compatible with 2.1 yet