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  1. Official Gingerbread 2.3.3 now available via Kies

    well my friend just download latest ver. of kies software from samsung web site then connect your tab on samsung kies mode it 'll show you that there is an update for your tab just click on update follow the step and ur done (sorry for late reply actually this forum is dead i use xda)
  2. this is what most of the us did.... back to 6.1 i m still using my omnia from last 2 n half year.... i tried many custom roms.... but still think the best rom is official DXIA5 6.5 rom.... thanks
  3. Official Gingerbread 2.3.3 now available via Kies

    its now available.... in india
  4. Official Gingerbread 2.3.3 now available via Kies

    but, not in india still hv to wait for update :(
  5. So how come MoDaCo SGS2 so quiet?

    yes i think so phone is great i dont know why people complaining about battery life, lock screen lag prob my battery work 2 n half days with normal use and full day with heavy use i own an omnia and galaxy tab also there are also not very active users on modaco people spend more time on xda...
  6. could you plz explain its advantage over last 2.3.3 rom like... battery improvements lock screen lag prob and any other improvement any new apps thanks
  7. i think 2.3.4 isn't officially out... i m also waiting for that thanks
  8. hi friends here is a good news for indian galaxy s2 user (before update download latest ver. of kies ver. Sumsang Roll out new Firmware Through Kies my current old ver. of firmware is PDA:KE8 / PHONE:KE2 /CSC:KE2 Latest Upgraded firmware is PDA:KF3 / PHONE:KEver.4 /CSC:KF3 now, i m downloading it well, dont know yet what version of android it has(2.3.4 should be expecting), but hoping for some battery improvements all other things about firmware, gonna update u later thanks sorry for my bad english
  9. Battery Issue

    hi friends i purchased this phone same prob here well i can say that if you use it just like a phone (normal use) battery is not so bad but if you want use it like a tab battery life is suck (only 4 to 5 hours) i own a galaxy tab it has 4000 mah battery its also least 6 to 7 hours for me so if 4000 mah battery works 6 to 7 hours then... only 1650 mah battery is not performing bad (with dual core cpu ) but still waiting for any update which can improve battery (hope android 2.3.4 will be better then stock one) thanks sorry for my bad english
  10. Full Review of DXIA5 Rom's new updates

    then go to manually by changing country and then go to support easy
  11. Full Review of DXIA5 Rom's new updates

    well dear check here (Official link) http://www.samsungmobile.com/support/omnia/index.jsp i downloaded from here few weeks ago
  12. Android 2.2 on omnia i900

    thanks dear but unfortunately i hv purchased vip account for 1 days (for 2 $) but its android on our omnia gonna try
  13. Android 2.2 on omnia i900

    any one hv password to download
  14. Android 2.2 on omnia i900

    well go for download it but it asked for money any free links to try
  15. Android 2.2 on omnia i900

    ohhh great.... so it will run on windows mobile