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  1. ota jr0o3L is out ... anyone get it ?
  2. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HARDWARE\DEVICEMAP\TOUCH Change " MaxCalError " value From 7 to 14
  3. help

    what windows u have ?
  4. (Ask) MS Auto data config???

    go to windows start up folder and check if the file is there and delete them ..
  5. Can't connect to Internet or GPRS 1. Go to Settings > Connections > Operator Settings 2. Switch to a different operator from your current operator and press OK. 3. Wait a few seconds for the wait cursor to disappear, and switch back to your original operator again.
  6. Carkit BT ...

    mine audio gain control only 4 is settable
  7. Yonn i900 ROMs

    hs screen go to mail tab and click the folder icon on right ..then put your name
  8. Yonn i900 ROMs

    go to mail tab and add your name (pyraylos)or anything you want ..
  9. Yonn i900 ROMs

    The SMS tab sometimes tricky, sometimes it takes time after 1st boot to get sms, but I found that using the mail tab (just create new mail account in tmail then add your display name to mail tab) make the sms tab works directly and this needed only once ... From Yonn
  10. i dont try it because is the same File with the first post .,
  11. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->HARDWARE->DEVICEMAP->TOUCH. Change the key value for MaxCalError from 7 to a bigger value for example 14
  12. Yonn i900 ROMs

    DXIF1 the best !!
  13. Yonn_OmniaLITE_File_Manager.cab