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  1. If this is the topic in question that was reported yesterday it was removed due to it containing illegal software. 
  2. lumia 535

    There is not a flash player for Windows phone unfortunately but flash is becoming outdated so unlikely to become available.
  3. Join the Honor Fan Club

    I've joined up to see the latest news and also hoping that you may release a Windows Phone 10 device
  4. Other chargers = safe?

    Topic tidied up to keep discussion relevant, as Frankish  says please play nice
  5. Nokia Lumia 1320 – Not for the faint of hand

    not yet but nothing official is available at the moment but if they keep their word it should be
  6. ¿?

    You need to give the thread title proper description not jus "?" and then explain what the screenshot is about as this does not mean anything at the moment.
  7. Topic closed at the request of the OP
  8. Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6+ cameras

    Bit of a mixed results, should have compared it with a Lumia but then there would be no competition ;-) Also should have had a warning about the images not good to scare people like that :-p
  9. And now for things to get back on topic, play nice everyone
  10. As an English based forum can you please post in English.
  11. This will definitely come in useful!

    Lets keep things on topic about the actual purpose of the original topic, baiting, trolling about each other is pointless. If you do not have anything to say about the actual subject then please don't say anything. 
  12. Right bit of a tidy up to remove the arguments, accusation and general trolling with insults.   lets get back on topic please about the original topic.
  13. Buggy Bluetooth?

    I've never experienced any bt problems myself but saying that I have never used it in my car. I know some car units can be temperamental. There is talk of a  bt update in the works from MS, wmpoweruser had a story about it recently so that may improve your problems along with the Denim update that is currently being rolled out.
  14. Refurbished hudl 2 for £99 on tesco direct

    I'll stick with my Connect 7 (rebadged Linx 7) Win 8.1 32Gb storage etc :-) same price. Picked mine up when they had a sale so only £58, for the storage nothing else comes close.
  15. hudl 2 update coming January the 5th 2015

    You will not get an electric shock from the device, more likely you discharged your own bodies built up static to the device. Its quite common and I know of  people who get this from plugging in headphones on their pc etc. You may even have some of your problems because of your static discharge.

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