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  1. Just installed the new M2D rom.. Works even better than the old one! :D Thanks Ryrzy, keep up the awesome work.
  2. Using the 23506 M2D and it just flies!!!! Thanks Ryrzy, you rock :)
  3. I currently have the 23081 M2D version installed, Would you recommend i should upgrade to COM3 or COM5? Don't know the difference except i guess COM5 is newer(and better??)
  4. Hey, Any news about the new version? :) hope you will release it soon!
  5. I had some random hungs when using the 23081 M2D rom... for example after finishing a call.. the phone did not respond to anything had to do SR or while navigating with iGO8. any clue why?
  6. just installed 23081 M2D. i just love it thanks a lot :D
  7. Great! I'll test it tonight and let you know... Thanks alot.
  8. Hey, Did you had the chance to work on this? if i can help in some way let me know!
  9. That looks funky, Is it possible to add support for Hebrew as well? Thanks
  10. Thanks Rabbit :D Now i can go to Orange and fix my cellphone ;)
  11. yeh! i have the same issue, "continuous" mode and also panoramic mode work fine.... but all other modes fail to produce a working file... deleting the DCIM directory didn't help <_<
  12. Hi, What is the free space ? also how is it possible to install the Eyron and have it register with the onboard orange hebrew?(like the other custom ROM)