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  1. ZTE V970 Review

    Hi Paul, Thank you for the review. I am interested to buy the dual sim phone, but hesitating between the ZTE V970 or the Acer Gallant Duo. Please your opinion. Thanks
  2. Is it possible to unroot after a permant root?
  3. Thank you kallt_kaffe. When permanent, is it also possible to revert; i.e. unroot back
  4. Please help me, I am a noob in technical terms. I have TeliaSonera ZTE blade with stock rom 2.1. A while ago I installed Clockwork and hence I am not able to boot into FTM but rather to Clockwork menu and hence I am not able to proceed with the installing 2.2 from my PC. What should I do to get into FTM so that I can upgrade as non technical person. I need you help. Thanks
  5. I have a Telia ZTE with Android 2.1. The device does not go into FMT mode but rather I am getting the Clockwork menu. Hence, I am not able to update to 2.2. What should I do? please help
  6. Please help me with the following: The official Telia Android 2.2 is released. I am trying to install this new ROM but I have a problem to install it because I have Clockwork installed and the ZTE does not go FMT mode for upgrade, but rather getting the Clockwork menu. What should I do so that I can upgrade using the .EXE file running from the PC. Thanks