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  1. [APP] Button Backlight Alert

    Hungarian translate done! I would like to test your program, please give me the chance.
  2. 2.1EUU_Acer_LiquidE_1.100.63_AAP-FET_04.04.02

    Download again, file ok.
  3. 2.1EUU_Acer_LiquidE_1.100.63_AAP-FET_04.04.02

    Patience is now flash
  4. 2.1EUU_Acer_LiquidE_1.100.63_AAP-FET_04.04.02

    1.100.063.bin 158 MB (166 050 120 bájt)
  5. 2.1EUU_Acer_LiquidE_1.100.63_AAP-FET_04.04.02

    Vauuu! Thanks! I' am dowloading and test. :)
  6. FRF91 (deodexed) for LiquidE [Rev 4.3]

    I have a Nokia Bluetooth heandset HW-26 and the pair linked well but just do not hear any noise. :(
  7. adb-windows remount adb-windows reboot bootloader fastboot-windows.exe -i 0x0502 flash boot boot39-768.img fastboot-windows.exe -i 0x0502 reboot
  8. [ROM] Xian v1 (LiquidE)

    What do you use? cygwin?
  9. [ROM] Xian v1 (LiquidE)

    Yes, I was sure that Acer defective because the previous bin than there was no such problem. I thought that the 0004 and 0008 would not be possible to put something together?
  10. [ROM] Xian v1 (LiquidE)

    Several people already wrote that trying to navigate backward. No matter which software I use.
  11. [ROM] Xian v1 (LiquidE)

    GPS is not something you can do?
  12. LCR1.3 work old 0.004 bin?
  13. [ROM] anzo Liquid 2.1 Rom

    Flash again.
  14. 00.008.06 liquidE rom issue

    I only had a GPS it is a problem, working backwards. :P