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  1. Was told by upgrades that they had no HD's in stock, they told me it'd cost me £129.99 when in stock and wouldn't be able to get any discounts. So since contract ended on the 14th Nov I asked for my PAC code to leave, was put through to retentions. There I was told still no discounts available on the phone, I queried this due to posts seen on here. They said pay £129.99 for the phone and give me the contract: £9 a month, 400 xnetwork mins, Unlimted txts and "unlimited" internet... Which since I'm on a £32 month contract at the moment for 200mins & 500txt I'd be saving £284 (taking account of phone cost) over the 18months! Pretty good deal I thought.. Phone is being delivered tomorrow ... wahoo... which is surprising considering I'd been told they were out of stock!
  2. D600 Message Tones

    My mate has just bought a D600 and he's a bit annoyed you cant change the message tones to anything you like, just a preset list or almost comically annoying tunes. Is there any way of changing these?
  3. I had exaclty the same problem with mine, Downloaded 0.864kb and got charged £8.64!! Rung them up and ever since I took off my GPRS bundle they've been charging me £10 a meg! :shock: :shock:
  4. c500 video problem??

    Doesn't work for me either, tried all the suggestions above and still no joy! Works fine if I swap the settings to record to the phone's memory then it'll record fine. Just not on to the miniSD card?