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  1. Anyone by any chance interested in a Ceros Revolution 16GB retina tablet? http://e-ceros.com/ceros-revolution-tablet-black-16gb/
  2. I upgraded from Skate to Galaxy Nexus last year and the difference is big. If you're a gamer then I would recommend S2, if not then GNex is better(you also get Android 4.3 which is buttery).
  3. None as far as I know, could use some CM though.
  4. Blade II & Blade III roms

    Blade II actually has the same specs as the Blade III but only a smaller screen(3.5 inch) but the screen resolution is the same(400x480). Shouldn't it be possible then to run Blade III roms? http://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=4608&idPhone2=4983 I can post build.prop if anyone wants to see it.
  5. Ok I guess this phone is officially not supported for third party roms?
  6. Will this rom work on ZTE Blade II? Blade II has same specs, only smaller screen(but same resolution): http://www.gsmarena.com/zte_blade_ii_v880+-4608.php
  7. Cheapest place to buy?

    280£ on German Amazon
  8. There's a ClockWorkMod Recovery image available for the ZTE Blade II. You can find it on Sebastian404's website.
  9. The 'Where To Next?' Thread.

    I bought a Galaxy Nexus a month ago and still very satisfied with it. Stock JB rom is awesome so I only rooted it
  10. Does this rom also work with IMM76K(the model which didnt get the official JB update yet)?
  11. On a full wipe(wipe data/wipe cache/format system/wipe dalvik cache), this build didn't work for me. I can't slide to unlock after the first boot(just doesn't do anything).
  12. I dont think 512mb RAM will be ideal for ICS. Anyway if they make ICS, wouldn't it be easier for people to port JB?
  13. Always nice to see people are still putting great effort for the Skatie.
  14. C3C0's release replaced Trebuchet with Nova Launcher and if you're like me who like it simple you can extract Trebuchet from previous zip or get it here(if ur lazy): http://www.mediafire...rvy8uq3axs6f50y Also browser and email aren't showing up for me after performing the update(I wiped both cache's and formatted system). EDIT: Nvm it all works, was an issue with DATA2SD that corrupted my data(which then for some reason hided Email and Browser).
  15. Is it possible to just upgrade from previous version by just doing wipe cache & wipe dalvik cache? Also the filehost is really slow(30kb/s) lol :P