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  1. New Website for Galaxy S Owners

    I would agree here on the 20 x unlock thing. I wouldn't say thats a bug its a security feature but basically......it should lock you out for an hour or so after 20 wrong tries. That would be better.... Cause lets face it if you forget your code your a bit of a lemon. However, it is possible that you could forget and it then becoming a paperweight is unacceptable (especially if like me you didnt buy it on contract from a provider). Besides if my phone was actually stolen i'd use wave secure to deal with potential information security problems (but i do pay for that).
  2. If its done all that then its basically complete and should go blue once it has booted up. If not then you might have to try reflash.
  3. ksoftirqd/0 eats CPU and battery

    This is one that definetly needs reporting in the community to the people that can maybe get it back to SGS Devs to fix. It does eat the battery incredibly.
  4. New firmware I9000XWJM2 now available

    Is this odexed?
  5. Odin in VMware? Parallels? VirtualBox?

    Doesn't work in virtual box on 64 bit. FYI.
  6. WM 6.5 roms by NEMESIS

    Keep up the good work Nemesis currently testing the latest two on my Omnia, although I also have Galaxy S now :angry:
  7. I diud actually move to this phone at the start of June. But i still like updating my Omnia with the custom roms and testing them out. Sadly the Omnia just can't compete with the screen and power of the Galaxy S though, but that is technology moving on for you. At least the omnia has a flash on its Camera though. Still an Omnia fan ofc :angry:
  8. Rooting just gives you root access/full control In windows you are able to do this anyway as your effectively a full admin. In Linux you need to give yourself access to to the root which requires superuser (read: admin) permissions. Rooting it gives you this basically. It lets you customise and install things you possibly shouldn't or couldn't..........its a bit like jailbreaking an iphone.
  9. I9000XWJG3 now available!

    Reboot the phone.
  10. I9000XWJG3 now available!

    I've had a few stalls and random app crashes since loading this firmware. Just letting people know. Been using it since the 8th or 9th.
  11. I9000XWJG3 now available!

    Just remember to reboot your phone after the flash.
  12. I9000XWJG3 now available!

    Yep working well so far. More stock apps and not encountered an issue.
  13. Followed your tutorial but went to JG3 instead, not to many issues at the moment but then i'm still setting it up.
  14. Loving JFF!! R3 based on JFF please?

    I've flashed to JG3 following the steps in your JG1 guide from the one that came with my phone JE3? JF3...something like that. Seems fine to me so far.
  15. The admins on this forum are slack. They should have stickied this post: It explains how to flash the PDA part on Windows 7. http://www.modaco.com/content/i9x0-omnia-h...-noob-friendly/ Just because some of the head admins arnt using this phone anymore is no excuse for laziness now.