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  1. finally made the switch to android (t-mobile galaxy s). don't think i'll ever look back.
  2. i also find this to be rather annoying, but as far as i know, there is no way to really keep the player from doing that. With WP7 coming out, we probably won't see a fix coming out for our outdated wm6.5 devices. On the other hand, perhaps you could try to find a program that allows you to simply download youtube videos, that would surely fix the buffering problem.
  3. two words: multi touch. just imagine being able to pinch to zoom in opera 10: no more having to constantly tap the screen to get a smaller button to register the touch. The ability to use a stylus would definitely be nice... but unfortunately, sammy never gave us i8000 users a place to store it (i do know this is a different case with verizon users). ...also, capacative screens use a higher grade of screen material (usually glass), which helps to prevent scratching, a major issue of the omnia II, where its own provided stylus scratched the screen.
  4. exactly what i was thinking, but you have to look at apple releasing only 1 new phone a year. Sammy and HTC release a new phone about every 3 months! Releasing only once a year gives apple plenty of time to work out the bugs and release a quality product... well, besides that whole antenna issue
  5. for morphgear and its modules, go here: http://www.spicypixel.com/web/page/morphgear/Home.aspx you have to pay for the morphmodules. as for the roms, do a google search, i cannot provide you a link.
  6. that might just be how the games are - winMo never really got good developer support for 3d games. Try flight commander or tower defense, they're both opengl and i believe won't run if opengl is not installed properly - use them as a benchmark.
  7. Unfortunately, these are common problems with the O2, it happens on mine too. As far as I know, there is no fix, blame the crappy Samsung software. I will never buy another Samsung phone after what they did to the O2.
  8. The signal drop also occurs with my O2, but when would anyone hold the phone perfectly still in a death grip for so long? This video has nearly no real world application. Apple need to stop making excuses, they made a faulty product. Period.
  9. Maybe try a soft reset with airplane mode turned on? That usually solves whatever wireless problems i have.
  10. Or try out fpsece... The next version is supposed to have D3D acceleration :(
  11. I just went to m.google.com/maps and was able to download version 4.1.1. Make sure you use IE browser.
  12. Thanks for the quick reply. I guess we'll just have to wait and see, hopefully there won't be too many problems. :D Edit: I just did a quick google search and came up with this thread: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en...b7-991c6c4ddac5 According to this guy, # Direct3D is supported on the Omnia 2. # It does not use the Microsoft reference implementation. Its driver identifies itself as "D3DM BVS Driver". # This driver does not support the hardware acceleration of the Omnia 2. - letdown :angry:
  13. Does the Omnia II's GPU support Direct3D, or only OpenGL? The next version of FPSECE will have D3D plugin support/ hardware acceleration. Having GPU acceleration would greatly improve performance. http://www.fpsece.net/forum2/viewtopic.php...&start=1400
  14. As far as i know, this bug has not yet been fixed on the O2, although it has been fixed on HTC devices. To stop the auto-rotating, just go back to opera mobile 10 beta 3.
  15. i just installed the phone part only, it doesn't erase anything. Just be sure to check "preserve device contents" in octans or you will lose my storage and whatever programs you installed to it.